k 5


Training #24 2017.

Why do I always end up in the mud and the woods?! 😊

Was going to run 15K on the road, but took another turn. Just because I wanted it! It didn’t go easy…….really had to push to run a 5:50/K pace.

Now off to diner and the theater with the Mrs and friends.

1.5 K Prize?

Agh! We’re so close to 1.5 K and I want to have a prize or something! Would you perfer:

•MONOLOGUE- My monologue as Elizabeth Schuyler, talking to Alexander Hamilton

•SINGING- Self-Explanatory. I did this last time and it was a blast and y'all seemed to like it!


So comment below or something!

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….


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I don’t think /some/ people understand the reason why /some/ of us hate m*n-el/k*ramel so much is because he took the attention away from a female driven show (leaving the main female character with no storyline that doesn’t revolve around him), he, as a typical white bread boy character that you find in every tv show, replaced a black man & a healthy, rare interracial relationship (and it was replaced by the typical white broody and the strong female ship™ which you see in literally every damn show) like … . this is racist & sexist as fuck. that is what his character represents and it sickens & disgusts me.  

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