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Lost power again today, but at least it was only for three hours this time.  Our power lines are connected across the park that was flooded and trees keep falling and knocking out our power.

Grateful that is all that we have lost.  Turns out one of the families in M’s cub scout den was in the flood zone.  Since husband is the den leader, I’ve met the family a few times and they’re incredibly sweet.  Laid back parents with twin 7 year old boys.

Their family started a gofundme for them.  We donated $500.  I don’t know what else they need, but I’ll be certain to ask the next time I see them.  

It’s sunny today and that is a blessing.  Our neighbors need evaporation, among many other things.  Another family in our cub scout pack (den is for the grade level, pack encompasses the whole k-5 group), had their entire bottom floor flooded.  Electricity, heat and gas is completely ruined, they have to relocate.

The story was covered on PBS News Hour.  It was quite strange to hear the anchor talking about our local creek.  But not quite as bizarre as seeing our neighborhood streets flood with water.

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