k 4koma


[K the 4koma] 17. Homura and Goldfish Scooping

Anna: Red…
Misaki: Does Anna like goldfish? Yosh, I’ll give it a try.

Misaki: Damn! This is harder than I thought…
Izumo: Looks like Yata-chan is really bad at these kinds of things.

Izumo: Mikoto, why don’t you try catching a goldfish for Anna as well?
Mikoto: Aa?

Mikoto: …can I burn it?
Izumo: Definitely no!!


[K the 4koma] 2. Why’d You Pick It Up?

Yo: Speaking of which, Totsuka-san… why did you pick up an abandoned cat?
Tatara: Well you see… It was raining just then right?

Tatara: The poor thing was all wet and looking at me from inside the cardboard box. Anyone would definitely pick it up after seeing such a face.

Yo: But it’s a male right? Is it really that cute…? 
*Sfx: Not cute…
Tatara: But…

Tatara: It had the kind of face Yata makes when King gets angry at him, you see!?
Misaki: I don’t make that kind of face!


[K the 4koma] 33. Beware of Excessive Drinking

Izumo: Here, Mikoto. Wipe your face with this.
Tatara: What happened to your face!?

Izumo: You got drunk and drew it, you know?
Text: Don’t you remember?
Tatara: Eeh! Really…!?

Izumo: Haha, how long is that going to stay on that handsome face.
Tatara: King, I said I’m sorry. I’m reflecting on it so hurry up and wipe it off already.

Izumo: Eh, wai- this, can’t we get it off!?
Tatara: No way, could it have been oil based!?


[K the 4koma] 13. Boiled Red Beans are Scary

Misaki: That’s a lot.. does Kusanagi-san like anko?
Rikio: Looks like a new menu for a customer’s birthday with their favorite food.

Misaki: Heh.. must be an important customer then.
Rikio: No… It doesn’t feel that way.

Izumo: Don’t get involved with the customer or anko
Izumo: This could become deadly

Misaki: What the, it’s something dangerous!?
Rikio: I was worried too, but I was told I’d better not ask anything…


[K the 4koma] 37. Tomorrow’s Weather

Neko: Rain!! Tomorrow I’m going for a walk with Shiro so don’t rain now!!
Kuroh: Even if you say that to the sky there’s no helping it right?
Shiro: Why don’t we make a teru teru bouzu to stop the rain?

Shiro: See, like this it’ll be sunny again.
Neko: Muu… something tiny like this, will one be enough?
Kuroh: If that’s what you think, then you should make more.

Neko: I know! I just thought of a great idea!!
Shiro & Kuroh: Huh!?

Neko: Okay, now it’s fine!
Kuroh: No it is not!

* Some people seemed to have missed it, but Neko transformed them into teru teru bouzus


[K the 4koma] 26. Blue Demon in Scepter 4

Ren: … As I said, there’s no mistaking it.
Daiki: … Seriously? And everyone has to?
Saruhiko: … What are you guys talking about?

Ren: … Captain and the Lieutenant have been organizing for Setsubun…!!!
Daiki: … N-not only that, they themselves are playing the demon role and look very enthusiastic!!!

Saruhiko: ………
Seri: Now then, please throw beans to your heart’s content!!
Reisi: There’s no need to go easy.

Saruhiko: So it’s okay if we genuinely hit them…?
Ren & Daiki: … It’s a real demon!!


[K the 4koma] 42. A Trip To The Onsen Has Got To Include…?

Tatara: A trip to the hot springs has got to include ping pong!! Hey you two over there, stop fighting and let’s play!!
Saruhiko: Hmph.
Misaki: Why with him…

Saruhiko: Ha, so you already realised you’ll lose even before we play?
Misaki: Bastard, what did you just…?
Tatara: Geez, you two. The paddles, take the paddles.

Misaki: If there’s one person I’d never lose to, it’s you!
Saruhiko: Barking dogs seldom bite.

- One hour later
Misaki: That one didn’t count! One more match!!
Saruhiko: You… How many matches has it been already…


[K the 4koma] 28. Dressed Up Neko

Shiro: Look, look. They have this kind of clothing for cats.
Kuroh: …? Why do cats need to wear clothes?

Shiro: But it’s getting cold. Are you saying Neko should walk around town naked?
Kuroh: … Walk around town naked!?

Kuroh: I definitely will not allow such shameless behavior!!

Kuroh: I feel relieved now.
Shiro: Isn’t that nice, you made her look so cute.


[K the 4koma] 31. Dumplings over Flowers

Kuroh: Isn’t there a lovely scenery?! Why can’t you enjoy it!
Neko: Cherry blossoms aren’t delicious at all! Dumplings are good!

Neko: Cherry blossoms should all change to dumplings!!
Kuroh: What did you say? I would much rather all dumplings change into cherry blossoms!!

Kuroh: Shiro, which would you rather!?
Neko: Shiro, which do you want!?

Shiro: Right now, I think the three of us flower gazing together is the best.
Kuroh: T-that’s not what I need to hear!!


[K the 4koma] 24. Kuroh’s Bento

Kukuri: Kuroh-kun made this!?
Shiro: Amazing right? Kuroh is a skilled cook you know?

Kuroh: I am especially confident in my Tamagoyaki. You may have one if you wish.
Kukuri: Thanks! … T-This…!!!

Kukuri: How is it so delicious!? Somehow, like the breeze flowing through the forest, inside my mouth a refreshing aroma of new leaves is spreading… that kind of… gentle taste…

Kukuri: … Please be my teacher!!
Kuroh: There will be strict training…
Shiro: …………


[K the 4koma] 21. Bar HOMRA Business Preparation

Izumo: I’m glad, the supplier has been arranged and the Bar’s interior  is getting closer to the image I wanted.
Tatara: It’s got quite the atmosphere.

Tatara: Maybe there will come some guys who like King as well.
Mikoto: … that’s unnecessary.
Izumo: Hey, hey, stop talking and come help me out you two.

Izumo: After we open up the shop, Totsuka has to help out with customer service too so be prepared~
Tatara: Eh~ King doesn’t need to help out? Not fair~

Izumo: … Do you think he could?
Tatara: … Impossible huh.
Mikoto: …..


[K the 4koma] 11. The Reason You’re Injured Is Because?!

Izumo: Totsuka, where did you get that injury from!?
Tatara: Eh? If it’s just this, it’s all fine.

Izumo: Ha… Who beat you up?
Tatara: Kusanagi-san worries a lot don’t you.

Izumo: You… As expected you’re gonna stay silent about it?
Tatara: Even if you’re saying that…

Tatara: I was just playing tag with King?
Izumo: What kind of tag was that!?


[K the 4koma] 6. Lieutenant Kokujyoji Came Over To Chat

Klaudia: Addy, it seems Lieutenant wants to talk to you … Why don’t you take a break and have some tea?
Adolf: …

Klaudia: That child never seems to listen when he’s concentrating on something. (Sorry.)
Daikaku: Don’t worry about me… (No worries.)
Adolf: Finally I’m done!!!

Adolf: It’s called the “Even-the-stiff-Lieutenant-will-be-surprised Saber”!! This saber, when pulled, will cause an electric current…

Adolf: If I switch this with his saber… wait, why is the Lieutenant here!?
Klaudia: Addy…? Sis is very angry right now.


[K the 4koma] 19. Totsuka’s Kendo Training

Tatara: Fushimi~? Don’t you think Kendo is cool? Why don’t we…
Saruhiko: No thanks.

Tatara: Eh~ Let’s do it~ Fushimi seems like he’d be good at this sort of thing~ You’d definitely be good at teaching too, right!? And I want to be stronger too, so I can be useful to everyone from time to time. Well, I don’t get the feeling I’ll become stronger but still…
Saruhiko: I got it!! I’d better do it, right!

Tatara: Really!? You’ll do it?
Saruhiko: But, I’m a perfectionist okay?

Saruhiko: There! You’re holding it too loose!! Straighten your back!!
Tatara: It’s already night timeeeee. Aw, come on Fushimiiiii.


[K the 4koma] 12. Awashima Seri’s Concern

Seri: Your face looks pale. I keep telling you to look after your health better.

Saruhiko: …I’ll keep that in mind.
Seri: Salt is good for preventing heat stroke right? Please wait a moment.

Saruhiko: ………… Even so, isn’t this salty rice cake a bit strange!?

Seri: I wonder if it’ll be easier to eat with red bean paste served on the side?