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GoRA Orange Interview in Spoon 2di Vol. 19 on Side: Green - Chinese translation.

I’ve found these Weibo links by accident, but they may be useful for those who know Chinese.

Suzuki Suzu interview in Spoon 2di Page 2

Suzuki Suzu interview in Spoon 2di Pages 3-4

My Chinese is non-existent, so if anybody can find the rest or do whatever is possible, they are welcome.

ID #61716

Name: Matthew
Age: 19
Country: USA

Hello everyone! I just found this website and thought it was interesting so I guess I’ll give it a shot and try it out.

A little bit about me:
I’m a sophomore (2nd year) college student studying Physics with a concentration in Astronomy (though my area of study may change) and I’m looking to work as a tutor. Although I’m studying science (and loving it!), I hold an immense appreciation and interest in the arts. I love to write and play music, and I do some freelance photography and visual art (though I’m still in the process becoming good at drawing and stuff). I also like reading, cartoons, anime/manga, k-dramas, documentaries, youtube videos/culture, nerd culture, meaningful conversations about politics/philosophy/culture/mental health/etc., grunge/hipster aesthetics, sarcasm, veganism, poorly written fanfictions, gay fluff, animals, beanies, tea, etc. idk I like a lot of things.

I’m sort of in the middle of this journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance and I’m constantly looking for things that help me learn more about myself and grow. I keep a notebook of things that I want to learn about, shows that I want to watch, things that I want to do, etc.. I always thought that there was something intrinsically charming about having a pen pal so I guess that’s what drew me to put this out there. I also don’t have a social life *laugh cries*

So basically, I’m looking for an email friend who wants to make a meaningful connection with someone else through meaningful conversations. We can talk about anything you’d like! I just want to meet and connect with genuine people on a personal level. I might be willing to contact through physical/snail mail, but I’m not sure yet. I know a limited amount of Spanish, and I know a few words in German and Japanese, but I’m only fluent in English (just fyi).

Preferences: Preferably, I’d like to talk with people around my age (so maybe around 17-22) and people who are comfortable talking in English, but if you’d like to talk, feel free to contact me! I’m accepting to people of all backgrounds, genders, sexualities, etc. and I’d prefer to talk with people who share that acceptance.


“Being lay down like this, isn’t like you. So please wake up.. Actually I used to think that it was fine if someone like me wasn’t even born to this world.. But after meeting you.. For the first time in my life, I was grateful that I was born.. And I’m grateful that the only reason I’m living now is you. I’m sorry.. And.. I really love you.”


The votes are in, Folks. And our Boys have gone up, Up, UP in the rankings. If you love NU'EST like I know you do, support our Honeys anyway you can.

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The Prettiest Boy In K-pop was #19.

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Sexy Bandit was #20 last week.

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Our Shanghai Boy was #11 last week.

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The Nation’s Leader was #9 last week.

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When Will The First Star Go Dark?

“I’m sorry to disappoint you, but there aren’t any black dwarfs around today. The Universe is simply far too young for it. In fact, the coolest white dwarfs have, to the best of our estimates, lost less than 0.2% of their total heat since the very first ones were created in this Universe. For a white dwarf created at 20,000 K, that means its temperature is still at least 19,960 K, telling us we’ve got a terribly long way to go, if we’re waiting for a true dark star.”

Stars live for a variety of ages, from just a million or two years for some to tens of trillions of years for others. But even after a star has run out of its fuel and died, its stellar corpse continues to shine on. Neutron stars and white dwarfs are both extremely massive, but very small in volume compared to a star. As a result, they cool very slowly, so slow that a single one has not yet gone dark in all the Universe. So how long will it take, and who will get there first: neutron stars or white dwarfs? Believe it or not, there’s still enough uncertainty about how neutron stars cool, mostly due to uncertainties in neutrino physics, that we think we know the answer to be white dwarfs – and 10^14 or 10^15 years – but we’re not entirely sure!

Come find out what we know about finding the first truly dark star in the Universe today.


화양연화 pt.2 : Movie Posters

-scp foundation K-9 units
-scp k-9 dogs being trained to seek out anomolous items and indicate specific anamolous activity to handlers
-scp guard dogs doing guard work inside the sites with the guards themselves to sniff out sleeper agents and bugs
-really fluffy, massive guard dogs on patrol around the outer grounds of Siberian sites
-dogs trained with specific task forces for specific duties, like guarding items in transport
-attack dogs helping in GoI busts and raids
-therapy dogs
-dogs trained to routinely escort specific humanoid entities
-the dogs in the site k-9 kennels starting to freak out and execute “uncertain activity” indication commands right before a breach
-patrol dogs indicating approaching vehicles and unidentifiable persons
-scp K-9 units