k 12

Can you believe we’ve already been shown - twice - the order in which the GPF finalists will place, from last to first

I mean, look at the end of episode 10

and the intro to episode 11

I know it’s to show off the beautiful faces of the finalists and kill us slowly with anticipation, but the order is right there, and I know this didn’t happen by accident.

I don’t believe in coincidences, and neither does Kubo-sensei

EDIT: I have never been so happy to have been proven wrong. Bless your soul, Kubo-sensei

I was hired to design and order “school spirit” t-shirts for a K-12 school. 

Client: Why are you ordering so many more of the medium and larger sizes?!

Me: …because most of our kids and parents we’ll be selling to wear these sizes?

Client: No, no, that won’t do! Order equal amounts of each size!

Me: But…

Client: Just do it.

Several weeks later…

Client: Why are there so many childrens’ small and extra small shirts left?!