k 01

well. i finally got it. replay came in my mailbox today. if you newcomers didn’t know, this has been my biggest motivation in this fandom. it all started when i heard about it around september? august? of 2016 and i decided that i absolutely needed to find it no matter what. so, i started searching. requesting, researching, all of it. and then it finally came up. so i got my shit together and bought it. now that it’s here in front of me it’s almost unreal, because this was a whole tangent, quest even, and now i finally got it. it has a lot more value to me than you think. i met a few good friends through this, and without it i highly doubt that would’ve ever happened. so, thanks, you two lesbians and fucktaro. ya mean a lot to me

and just having it

in front of me?

well that’s…

that’s a whole ‘nother beast.


Minzy (formerly of 2NE1) has released an album preview for her upcoming solo debut mini-album “Minzy Work 01.Uno” which features the title track “Ni Na No (feat. Flowsik)” & is scheduled to be released on April 17th.

logo eu que sempre evitei das intensidades que a vida me impôs; fiz morada nas tuas, nas tuas urgências, na tua segurança, no aperto dos teus braços. logo eu que deixo as coisas acontecerem como devem de ser me apaixonei por teu jeito de planejar tudo. me apaixonei por teus detalhes. sempre passos pra frente, lembra? é assim que vamos viver, sem caminho de volta. o que tô sentindo aqui dentro já não tá me cabendo mais e só falo disso quando tenho certeza. você é todo certeza por isso que você é todo amor.

K project season 01 summary
  • Munakata: MikoNO
  • Mikoto: MikoYES.
  • Fushimi: mi~sa~ki
  • Yata: you traitor!
  • Homra: ....
  • Scepter 4: why don't we get enough screen time?
  • Shiro: oh na na what's my name.
  • Kuro: shiro it's time to die! But before that, let us eat pie!
  • Neko: *for plot/fan service*
  • Colorless king: I ship this.

My Seed Arts Wol, Darah, with faceup by @armeleia. I’m really liking the black wig on her, although I’ll probably go with different eyes. Now she just needs a body! (I’m leaning towards a Doll Chateau K-01.)

She’s a witch who works for the county library system, although no one can remember hiring her. She casts spells to make sure that people find the books they need (which are not necessarily the ones they’re looking for). She also once changed the text in every copy of Fifty Shades of Grey in the library’s system to Alice in Wonderland.


ASTRO has released a 2nd MV teaser for “Baby,” the title track of their upcoming 4th mini-album “Dream Part.01″ which is scheduled to be released on May 29th.