*Seeing those theories that separate all Garnet’s minute actions into either being directly Ruby or directly Sapphire, as though she’s essentially just a mech piloted by two people with alternating levels of control rather than a unique autonomous entity unto herself*

This dressing is so … Minimalist … 😂😂

Lace dress

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Poor Hanji is always depicted by the fandom as having bad hygiene lmao. why is it so easy to imagine it being true tho like how do u feel about this

well we get quite a few hints that hange doesn’t really exercise much care over her hygiene; in isayama’s original character notes for the animation team he pointed out that hange’s hair is messy, tangled and greasy/oily from lack of being washed. 

and in her character interview and in levi’s character interview they both mention that hange gets so dirty sometimes that levi coordinates these bathing/water attacks on her with her subordinates.

and her room was described (by isayama or in a character interview, I cant recall) as being full of books and dust. 

it just kind of fits hange as well; she gets so wrapped in her research and experiments that cleanliness and self-care becomes a much lower priority. so she has moblit and levi to keep that shit from getting too out of hand.  

okay imagine an au where carmilla works at a coffee shop and laura goes in and orders the same thing and every time she does, instead of writing ‘laura’ on the cup, carmilla writes one of those dorky nicknames like ‘cupcake’ ‘sundance’ ‘creampuff’ etc. 

and it makes laura SUPER MAD and she’s always like it’s fucking laura i s2g im gonna punch u in ur attractive face

and carmilla smirks and keeps doing it obviously

but then one day carmilla’s not there and laura’s like oh and she doesn’t know why she’s sad bc it’s not like she likes carmilla or anything

but the new person is like ‘hey are you laura? carmilla told me to give you this’ and it’s just the same drink as ever, but this time it has ‘laura’ written on it

Walk walk fashion baby …