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everytime ksoo sings in english the world gets cleaner

When your big/little sibling comes into the room while you’re drawing


Just One Word July Book Photo Challenge

Day 28 - Set

I love this Harry Potter set! It’s just so beautiful. And I know that quote isn’t from the books or from J.K. Rowling, but I like it so much that I decided to put in the picture.

why you should all pay attention to eto

Eto is one of the most important characters in the series, and has had such a huge impact on so many characters. Her influence in the series is unmatched. Just consider the part she’s played in Kaneki’s story so far:

  • Her appearance in the last arc was foreshadowed in the first few pages of the first chapter, when Kaneki drew her.
  • Her book was how Kaneki and Rize met.
  • Kaneki used Takatsuki’s book to provide context for his ghoul transformation, and this is possibly why Rize appears to him when he’s being tortured: he’s already started considering her to be his ghoul mother in the third chapter.
  • Eto created and leads Aogiri. She ordered the capture of Rize or the ghoul who smelled like Rize – Kaneki.
  • Her books allow Kaneki to bond with Hinami, and also Tsukiyama.
  • She’s the one who sent Seidou in to fight Sasaki. She sent Seidou in specifically to fight Sasaki.
  • Takatsuki’s book is how Sasaki finally found out the spelling for Kaneki’s name.
  • Not to mention the connection between Kaneki comparing his transformation to Kafka’s “Metamorphosis” and Takatsuki’s first work being titled “Dear Kafka”.

And consider the effect she’s had on other characters, because there is seriously no other character who has had such an impact on so many other characters.

  • Yoshimura’s feelings of guilt over seeing what happened to Eto after he abandoned her are probably the reason he tried to save so many ghouls from their violent lives – he created Anteiku and saved all the employees because he wanted to save his daughter.
  • She gave Amon information about the CCG’s corruption and caused him to start investigating the CCG.
  • She caused the Yasuhisa twins to start doubting Kanou, and lead to Kurona leaving Kanou to work with Amon.
  • She provided resources and subjects for Kanou to continue his experiments.
  • Her very existence as a half ghoul probably sparked Kanou’s interest in his experiments in the first place.
  • She’s personally destroyed so many CCG families and caused so many feelings of hatred toward ghouls: like Akira’s mother and her father’s drive for revenge, or Urie’s father, or taking Juuzou’s leg but more importantly taking his father figuer and the only person who made an effort to reach out to help him.
  • In Root A, it was specified that Eto was the one to drop a hint to the CCG about Anteiku. Whether this is what happened in the manga or not, she definitely knew that the information had been leaked. (Tbh, I think she did arrange for the CCG to attack Anteiku in the manga too, considering it provided the perfect opportunity for her to kidnap her father and plenty of CCG investigators to use for half ghoul experiments.)
  • She helped turn Amon and Seidou into half ghouls – she was specifically the reason that Aogiri took Amon and Seidou. She noticed Amon before and took an interest in him. Seidou was taken because he happened to be with Amon when Aogiri showed up.
  • She recruited Hinami to Aogiri.

If all of that wasn’t enough, she’s obviously the strongest ghoul in the series.

  • She’s currently the only SSS ghoul (a rank she earned at age 14) and has been a high priority target of the CCG’s for over a decade now.
  • The only one who can even stand against her is Arima.

And then consider her goals:

  • She’s out to take out the CCG and in all likelihood V – the two major organizations that represent and maintain the current structure of the world.

Eto is crucial to the series. This story could not have happened without her. And she’s going to be cruicial to the final arc and the ending of this series. Watch her. Every time she shows up or is mentioned, it’s going to be important.