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exo's reaction when you suddenly begin teasing them while they have an important phone call

We hope you enjoy the reaction! :)


*Mutes the phones call*

Xiu: “Jagi, you’re going to need to either move or help me out here because you’ve caused a…problem…


Luhan to himself: “Ignore it, Luhan, ignore it. In a minute she’ll stop and give up.”


*Kris wouldn’t even be fazed by your teasing one bit, he’d probably just act as if you weren’t there and he’d continue his phone call.* 


*Suho would buy you out of teasing him.*


Lay: “Woah! Why is this happening…”


*Once you start teasing him by giving him a lap-dance, he’d mute the phone call right away.*

Baek: “Jagiya  Aren’t you going to help me? This is your fault, after all.” 

*He’d arch up his hips slightly to make sure you feel what you’ve done.*


Chen says to himself: “ Hold it in, Chen… Hold it in. She’s not worth it.”


*Chanyeol would get so flustered, he’d end up accidentally hanging up the phone call.*

Chanyeol: “See what you do to me? Stop teasing, jagi…”


*As soon as he saw you walking towards him,he knew your motives and muted the call.*

D.O: “Not right now babe… Important call. Give me like 20 minutes and come back.”

*Unmutes the call and continues talking.*




*Kai would stay calm and collected while he was on the phone, but when the phone call was over he’d come to get what you were asking for.*

Kai:  “Don’t leave me hanging, Jagiya… Look at you’ve caused…”


*Sehun would purposely hang up the phone call.*

Sehun: “You wanna play? Let’s play…”

*Long story short, y’all end up fucking.* 

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