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Letters on Wave Mechanics. Schrödinger Planck • Einstein • Lorentz, Edited by K. Przibram for the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Translated and with an Introduction by Martin J. Klein, Philosophical Library, New York, 1967

listen, i know a lot of you in this fandom are young, so let me just say this:

FFS and iDubbbz are heavily satirical. When they say edgy shit, there’s a very different context. That doesn’t make it okay, it still makes me uncomfortable personally. However comma, I still see a big contextual difference between, say, Ian pulling a meme on Tana and y'all pulling out the n***er word because you think it’s funny.

“Either all of it’s okay, or none of it’s okay” doesn’t mean “It’s okay to say n***er now”. You still sound like an edgelord and it’s cringy as fuck to put sp*c or w*tback or g**k in your edits because you think it’s ~aesthetic~. It isn’t. It looks ugly and you just look like a racist.

Don’t take things out of context, kids. It’s time to stop.

i’m sorry i couldn’t help myself

Rogue One Piano Lullaby

Rogue One Piano Lullaby // arranged by onefine-morning, themes by Michael Giacchino

Main Title • Hope Suite • Imperial Suite • Imperial March/Force Theme (from trailer) •  Guardians of the Whills Suite • Rogue One • Your Father Would Be Proud • Jyn Erso’s Theme 

Stunningly beautiful film, stunningly beautiful soundtrack. Hope you enjoy. 

Other lullabies: Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, LOST