Dear K, 

I fucked up, I know I’m sorry. I can’t take the last 3 years back because if I did I would still be in that shitty place and I doubt it would change anything. Now you’re sick and I don’t know what to do. I called your home and your dad just hung up. I’m sorry. I’m so goddamn sorry and I would do fucking anything to keep you from dying. You aren’t supposed to die. Not yet. I wish I was dying instead of you. At least the one who wants it would get it. 



I came in through

a grey wet door you left

ajar, slightly, tentatively,

into a hallway smelling

of warm fires and 

your clothes.


Why I removed,

so many layers 

hung up on hangers,

I stood like a sparrow,

in your grand foyer

feeling nearly naked

but so much lighter.


I had been so

rained on those days,

I forgot what it felt like

to be inside. You

hung my clothes up

to dry, you let me

sleep in your spare room

where no one found me.


Then time ran

too fast for me to catch up,

you patched me up,

made me put on my raincoat and

my boots, we hugged, I left,

feeling the rain not 

as much anymore


But feeling that I had

left something at your house

I would never see again.

In my dreams I stand

outside your door again

and it is closed.

Naaasar na ako. Di nako natutuwa na crush ko si irving. HAHAHA bakit kasi nalaman nya pa? I mean ayoko sa lahat na yung crush ko ichachat ako dahil sa alam nyang crush ko sya. Bwiset. Di na tuloy ako kinikilig sa kanya lol.