Dear 18 yr old me,

Oh sweetie. 

How do I put this into words you’ll understand…

He is not your sun. You will be okay with out him. You’ll turn 19, and then 20, and then you’ll blink your way to 24. 

You’ll be a month away from your 25th birthday, and you’ll finally realize that he’s the black hole you let yourself fall into.

I’m okay though. He was the best black hole I could have possibly chosen. 

Now 18 year old me, remember every detail. Remember his blue eyes, his crooked smile, and remember the time you shaved his head into a perfect mohawk.

Remember how much you love him. Fall into the black hole, but remember god remember that he is not your sun.



lillpon  asked:

Strange that not many come to you for advice. With all you've been through, the fact that you still have hope for yourself and others is magnificent.

Admittedly, I’ve been known to give bad advice from … time to time. 

But self-pity and drink will not return her to us, however tempting they might be.  I have hope because I must.   

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