So I have a question for you tumblr folk. There’s so many car people on here…but how many of you actually get to drive a car you love.

Originally I was gonna ask who drives a ‘cool’ car…but then i realised its not about that.

An example:

Every morning, I get up and go to work. Usually, thats a shitty way to start a a day…and it is. But I walk out of the house, open my car, turn it on…it starts up with a muffled bark…and literally without fail, I smile. Every. Day.

I get to work, do work stuffs. More than likely its extremely busy, im tired and cranky by the end of it. Walk outside, jump back in the car, and once again…fire it up, and I instantly feel better.

Driving to or from work, stuck in traffic, I look around…all these people driving their econobox’s and SUV’s and boring as fuck commuter cars…and they all look like they’d rather be doing ANYTHING else. And I think…man, you guys have it all wrong.

so that’s my question. Who else gets to drive something that makes them grin like an idiot every time they get in it. That no matter how shit your day/career/life might be…it sets you free.

Not gonna lie, I don’t think I can ever go back.

car mates are best mates

I haven’t really advertised it, but the last 18 months haven’t been the best for me. The end of 2013 brought with it the news that my dad had been diagnosed with duodenal cancer, a rare and as it turns out unoperable type of cancer. Following the Toyota Nationals at easter 2014, I hit a kangaroo and wrote of the supra. In august, I got fired from my job (somewhat unjustly) and was forced to move out of the house I was living in, including having to park the still unregistered supra out on the street as I no longer had a garage, during which time some lovely person smashed the passenger window in order to snatch whatever they could carry out of the car. 3 weeks ago, Dad lost his battle and passed away. The day of the funeral, I flew out to Shanghai for a long planned holiday (both my parents spoke to me about it a few weeks before and said no matter what happened that I should go on the trip as to miss out would be the worst possible outcome). However…when I returned I was invited over to the Club President of Toymods (and a good friend) house, under the guise that the mate I was driving there needed some parts and was then getting a lift off of another friend to his house afterwards. What happened when I turned up will be a memory I will not soon forget…

In the 2 weeks i’d spent in China, visiting my girlfriend that I hadn’t seen in 3 months and trying my best to forget the past few weeks, a whole bunch of my friends had conspired to have my supra towed to the Presidents house, sourced all new un-bent panels and parts, sprayed them so that they matched and pretty much fitted the lot of them (front bar is awaiting a little more paint as they ran out)…basically, they’d fixed the entire car, ready for it to be registered in time for the Toymods Classic Celica day on next sunday. They were of the opinion that i’d had a tough run and it was about time I had something go right…

To say I was blown away by their kindness doesn’t even begin to explain how I feel. Even now I find the whole situation surreal. It was all I could do not to shed a tear. This, my friends, is what the car community is about. The mates i’ve made from being involved in Toymods and the greater Australian car community are mates for life.

I’ve never been so excited to drive my car again!! I can only hope that one day I can come even remotely close to returning the favour.


finally got the bro’s (and 1 sis) around to help me sort out my nugget.

broken stuff is removed. everything behind it still looks straight, even the rad support is pretty spot on. Built toyota tuff!

annoyingly the brand new TGP 2JZ engine fan I bought is a slightly different offset to the one that was on there and sits slightly further forward, so fouls on the rad -_- but luckily a mate has a 5m fan that looks identical to the one that was on there so that sorts that out.

also found a chunk out of the tensioner pulley that must’ve happened during the acco, so need a new pulley and serpentine belt but thats no biggy.

but fingers crossed all i need now is to get replacement panels/bonnet (hood for you seppo’s)/headlight assembly, recore the radiator, replacement fan, tensioner pully + belt, get a new battery and shes ready for registration :D


Sooooo easter was a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions

Went out west to Dubbo NSW for the yearly Toyota Nationals, which was FREAKIN sweet again

Bit of show ‘n Shine

then later that day some motorkhana

and then down at the drags the day after (1/8th mile)

all in all…it was a fucking epic weekend. Car never missed a beat, and i had a load of fun belting her all weekend :D

but unfortunately on the road home disaster struck :(

Kangaroo decided to jump right in front of me at 100km/h….so the damage is pretty minimal. I’ve heard of many people in more modern 'safer’ cars completely write them off at 60-70km/h.

Currently waiting to be assessed by my insurer, then i’ll find out if they’re gonna repair it or write it off….fingers crossed they choose to repair it cause i cant be fucked doing it myself haha.

One way or another though, Noisy shall ride again.

fuck whoever designed the front end on these cars. Each time i come back and remove some bolts, i find a whole other set of new bolts that are increasingly hard to get tools to


so close to just buying an angle grinder and just cutting sick on it. i think thats what im gonna have to do in the end anyway…too many bolts covered by twisted metal :(


got made an admin of the JZLove page on facebook ^_^

heres a skid to celebrate