CV: Orikasa Fumiko, Happy Birthday!! 2015.12.27

Here some of her roles aka, some of my fav roles ‘cuz if I drew everyone it will be the end for me orz Happy birthday Oririn! I love you, thank you for giving live to my fav charas.

Used the 100 palette chalenge palettes + Black~


Gintama Ending: DESTINY

Normal version & Genderbend version

Sakata Gintoki = Ginko

Yagyuu Kyuubei = Jyuubei

Kagura = Kagura Dun

Shinpachi’s blue glasses = pink glasses

Sadaharu = Seki Tobaharu

Hijikata Toushirou = Tenko

Okita Sougo = Souko

Tsukuyo = Tsukuo

Sarutobi Ayame = Sarutobi Ayao

Kyuubei: Kuchiki-dono, is that a Chappy eyepatch?

Rukia: I thought I might add my personal touch to the group!

Jyuubei: I think is cute.

As you can see, I take seiyuus jokes seriously…. I guess…

In which Rukia-sama wanted to be part of the Eyepatch Oririn group so they can be the “Oririn Gantai Trio” but she used a Chappy one, mostly because I reused this idea