I know I posted a very similar piece of artwork yesterday, but it’s really cool so have some more.  I have to say that upon completing Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Bride (Season 2 from Samurai Girls) I was a lot more impressed than I was with the first season.  What drew me into the series was the character design and art style but I was somewhat underwhelmed to find out that the plot was sort of lacking in exchange for gratuitous fanservice.  I’m all for fanservice, but only when it’s icing on the cake.  Season one just had way to much icing.  Season 2- Samurai Bride, seemed to be a lot more dialed down with the fanservice (which doesn’t say much considering just how much was in season 1) and a much more intriguing plot line.  Of course this might just be because I remember being caught off guard by season 1.  Either way, if you are looking something in the same line as Queen’s Blade or Ikkitousen, definitely give this one a go!  Easily my favorite in the bad-ass-fighting-girls genre of anime!