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Not to be nsfw but Yoonmin is so affectionate with each other, like???? Even if they're teasing each other they're still all over each other and I more or less live for it.

even if they’re teasing each other !! there are times when one of them goes too far and then they make up for it in the end like this iconic example here where jimin picked himself as Most Influential Member and was then cut off by yoongi (+ everybody else) when he was explaining himself

so jimin got all pouty

and then for the next two questions, yoongi ranked jimin as #1, and when he was asked why

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I was crying about the yoonmin harmony part in spring day the whole week but i didn't expect them to actually make it part of the choreo and have jimin sing his harmonization line with their backs pressed to each other and the way jimin's leans his head back and yoongi leans into him slightly. I legit teared up.. their clothes are each other's hair colors, their voices are rough and soft, everything is opposite and it's so beautiful to watch omg they really match so well GIVE US THE SUBUNIT

i wanna know which of their stylist is a ym shipper and send them a fruit basket cause ym have legit been pink-blue matching throughout ynwa… jimin’s pink hair/yoongi’s blue-streaked/blue hair… yoongi’s pink sweater/jimin’s blue sweater in the mv… jimin’s shirt had blue stripes and yoongi’s had pink in the spring day choreo @ the con… like really doing the absolute Most 

yoongi and jimin really do complement each other in every possible way,,, visually, musically, stylistically, they want the unit, we want the unit, WHEN

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the difference between "i won't carry your acrylic stand around" and "give me the chubby one" tho lmao i love them

we all know now that he was just playing yoongi when he said he wouldn’t carry it, this time he isn’t even TRYING to pretend he doesn’t want the chubby one to add to his collection

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what do you think makes yoonmin so special?

well shipping is a Subjective Experience so i can’t really tell you what makes it more special or better than other ships but!! what i like most about ym other than their dynamic and obvious love and admiration for each other, is how most of their important moments are things which happen, or hint to something which has happened, off-camera. they’ve Always been one of the most consistent ships in terms of ‘moments’ and i think it’s interesting how their relationship, compared to how they were during pre/debut era, has become so subtle over the years because we all know that they’re way, way closer than they appear on screen.

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did you notice hyung team chose the spanking as a punishment... and they picked yoongi to spank jimin. that was totally a coincidence right

right,, nothing at ALL to do with the fact that yoongi can’t leave jimin’s ass alone for even a second