jyri straechav

“Passion”, By Jyri Straechav, 2014. 

Look! I am still alive. I tried to make something different but I am no longer sure if I acctually succeeded in that. Of course, I did have to slip in the horror aspect and the weird surrealism and whatever. Also, floating people. So in some ways it’s so very much me that it hurts, but I thought that in some other aspects it’s also quite different. 

However, as I said, I am no longer sure of that. So, yeah. Looong break, but here’s a new piece. I hope you enjoy it. My next piece hopefully won’t take this long, as I am already fairly far in to it. But Since I tried to do something different with this, I’ll try another crazy idea with the next one too. Which is unfortunately very labor intensive.

Also, should I buy a 3D printer or not? Just wondering…