Here’s some illustrations for a project I’ve been working on lately, a children’s book called Vanha mies ja joutsenet (The Old Man and the Swans) written by Jyri Sariola. It’s a heartwarming tale of a man named Olof and his swan family (accompanied by many kinds of birds). The story is full of magic, adventure and companionship, with brave, wise, fun and kind characters. I loved painting these illustrations and I’m showing them here with the author’s permission.

This book is currently looking for a publisher, so keep your thumbs up for it finding one! 

Painted with watercolor and gouache, tweaked with some cg.

So I met Jüri Pootsmann...

He was super tall compared to me and super sweet and his voice is really deep & beautiful and he’s so handsome and I still can’t believe it happened!

After that I tweeted him (without tagging him!) and he liked my tweet and quoted it with this:

I don’t think he even realises how happy he made me yesterday! Thank you so much for making me the happiest girl on earth Jüri, I love you! ❤️

last night was really fun. we ended up going to Jyri and Sanna’s first cause they were celebrating their 10 year anniversary so the kids were in kälviä.
so that was really nice. I very rarely have gotten to go out with Sanna cause she doesn’t like going out that much. and we totally drunk bonded too xD we made plans for the coming week actually :D

this guy Ville came there too and we all took a cab to town and went to see my dad’s band. my mom seemed pretty drunk. at one point my mom and MJ just started hanging out together and went outside alone and everything and I just kept thinking that they’re so obviously talking about me and they totally were too cause then when we were sitting at our table, I heard them talking about me and then I told MJ not to do that, like wtf dude?! but then he just kept talking to her and I could hear everything and so I just got up and left cause I wasn’t gonna sit there and pretend to not hear everything. like, you’re supposed to be my partner? no matter how shitty things might be, I wouldn’t ever throw you under a fucking bus. if your mom came up to me and started talking to me about  something she doesn’t like about you, I wouldn’t just sit there and agree and add to the conversation. 
so I went outside and then after a while MJ, Jyri and Sanna came out too and MJ was like “but I was just telling her how I wish I could sleep in on weekends too”…like if you don’t understand that you already get to sleep in on the weekends, you are a fucking moron. I don’t know how I’m supposed to explain it to you so that you understand. how is not sleeping several hours more into the morning than on a work day, not sleeping in?! you’re not talking about sleeping in, you’re talking about wanting to not be a parent on the weekends when it’s your fucking turn. literally everyone understands this except you. like I’d imagine if I was the one who went to work, I’d be fucking thrilled to get to get up with my daughter for two days a week because I’d never get to do it otherwise. I’d get to do all the normal things that I’d miss out on during the week.
but you know what, if that’s really what you want, sure I’ll gladly free you of all responsibilities and be a single parent from now on. I don’t even fucking care anymore.

so anyways. after that we went to another bar and I was with Sanna basically the whole time :D it was alot of fun. I really hope we can become friends. I’ve always wanted to be her friend but she’s so intimidating :DD she’s like one of those mothers who just have it all together all the time (which I’m sure isn’t true at all but she just seems like that.).
then she came with me to get a pizza and Jyri disappeared somewhere, no surprise there. so she went to look for him and this guy whom I’ve talked to once before, some complete stranger, came and stood next to me to eat his food and then some other dude like glanced at me and decided to come over -___- but then when he saw this other guy next to me he was like “oh I’m sorry, where you guys having a moment?” and the guy next to me was all serious and went “yes actually we were…” and the drunk dude left. even though the guy next to me hadn’t even said anything to me yet :’D but then we started talking and I told him I remembered him. he was really nice. it was that time Punne and I went out and these two guys sat with us and they were completely harmless, like they just wanted to hang out with people. so it was one of those guys. the nicer one :D

so even though there was that little unfortunate episode, it was still a great night.

now I’m just waiting for Edith to come home. she’s coming soon.
I also talked to Sarah today :D that was nice. I wish she could come visit but she said she might not be able to come until summer :/

Positive Eurovision ask meme

First numbers from @yodelvision

5. An artist that appeared more than once

That’s a hard one! Sunstroke Project, Greta Salóme, Donny Montell Elina Born  Loreen maybe Kaliopi? I can’t think of more hah

13.A non-Eurovision song by an Eurovision artist you enjoy

The first song that comes to my mind is Yohanna’s Revolving Doors. I love Lena’s Traffic Lights, Loreen’s Statements(ofc), Jyri’s whole Tana album.

22. a song you’d like to perform yourself

If i could sing well I would perform you know which song ;) (KUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUULAAAAAAAAA)

Now numbers from @eurovizzju

3. An entry that makes you laugh

Lithuania 2010 I think? I don’t know what else haha

18.An unpopular entry you like


19.An entry you didn’t like at first but do now

Jamala’s 1944 is the one who grew on me the most from all the songs

omg I thought this day would never come but Edith actually peed in her potty for the first time ever today!!!!!!!!! :o
and she’s still sitting on it naked xD she refuses to get up.

today has been a nice day. the weather was sooooo nice and warm today and we walked to Jyri and Sanna’s place and stayed there for hours! Edith kept trying to tickle Alma xD
then MJ picked us up and we went grocery shopping and got everything for Edith’s birthday party. except we forgot to buy a candle to put on top of her cake but we can get it tomorrow.

and my mom sent me a picture of the finished sideboard so it’ll probably be here tomorrow! yay!

I’m so tired cause I’ve had so much coffee today and barely anything to eat -_- but I really need to clean Edith’s room and rearrange all the furniture cause it looks really stupid right now.