Sweet Encounter

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“Maknae can you get me-”
“Maknae I need you to-”
“Maknae unnie said you-”
“Okay. Okay. Okay. I got it." 

I’ve been running around the JYPE building for a while now for the group I train with. Being the maknae sucks sometimes but I like doing things for people, makes me feel useful in a way. Plus this gives me something to do since practice is over. After I did all the chores I was given I decided to get myself a bottled water to cool off. But there was no more in the hallways and I gave the rest of the bottled waters to my group elders. 

"Shit.” I cursed as I slid my back down the wall and closed my eyes. I sat there for a while trying to catch my breath from running around everywhere.  

“Um. Excuse me.” A kind voice said to me. I opened my eyes and looked up to see, Yugyeom from GOT7. Shit a sunbae. I quickly got up and bowed to him.

“Hello Sunbae.” I straighten up and realized how close I got to him when I stood up and quickly backed away from him, my back pressed into the wall.        

“Hi. I… we haven’t had the chance to meet yet… have we? You’re (Y/N) the  mysterious golden trainee right?”   He asked with a smile.       

“Golden trainee?” I asked. Haven’t heard that one yet. “Wait. Mysterious?”

“Yeah. You’re good at everything thrown at you but… you don’t say much. And you keep to yourself. The only people who really know you are JYP hyung and your group” “Yeah well… I kinda like keeping to myself” I replied blushing a bit.

“Oh um. The reason I came over here.” He chuckled and held out a water bottle to me.

“ I saw you running around for others and I knew the water jugs in the hallways were being replaced so…. I saved this for you.” He bit his lip shyly and I melted a little inside because he was just so handsome. Wait was my sunbae…. flirting with me? No. Shut up (Y/N) hes just being nice. I took the bottle out of his hand and smiled blushing a bit more.

“Thank you Sunbae. I really appreciate it.” I bowed again “Hey no problem. And you can call me Yugyeom Oppa. I- uh… want us to get close. It can be a bit boring hanging with the adults all the time and I can introduce you to the rest of my members and our sunbaes….” He trailed off.  When we saw my eyes go wide he panicked a little.

“That is if you want to. Sorry I just see you around here a lot and I know we’re around the same age and I would like to be a helping hand to you and not just as your sunbae but as a friend and I also think that you’re really cute and I would love to develop a close relationship with you an-”   I cut him off.

“Oppa. It’s okay. I would love to be close friends. ” I said with my cheeks as red as they could be with my skintone and my head hanging low in embarrassment.

“Y-You called me ‘Oppa’” He blushed. “Well I’m not busy tomorrow. We can hang out or something.” He looked down at me with a huge grin on his face.

“I’d love that.”

“MAKNAE! COME ON WE GOTTA PRACTICE!” The eldest of my group yelled down the hallway. She saw Yugyeom and bowed.

“Hello Sunbae!” Yugyeom waved to her and looked back at me. “There’s your cue. I’ll see you later right? We can exchange numbers then?”

“Yeah. Of course.” I smiled more, my cheeks hurting at his gentle words. He backed away from me with his hands in his pockets with a wide smile on his face.

“See you soon (Y/N)”. He turned around and walked away. “See you soon Oppa” I said softly more to myself than him. I clutched the water bottle he gave me and ran to where my group member was and endured her teasing of me talking to Yugyeom as I replayed everything that happened in my head. I should run errands more often if I get to talk to him.