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IM SCREAMINGGGG 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 he is My Spirit Animal

“So when u need rest you need to control it yourself and tell someone like your manager and GET REST and if they don’t know I will personally Go there and SMACK EM MYSELF ”

Also lets not ignore “is great to be popular and busy yet but what’s more important is your health ” and Jackson liked 😊
Dear JYPE,

First of all, thank god Jackson is okay and back with the rest of Got7. I couldn’t be happier to see him smiling again, but there’s something we as fans can’t deny, he still seemed a little ‘off.’ Even though Jackson may seem healthy and better, I feel like he still needs to take it slow. His schedule was absolutely insane and no person would be able to do that and remain healthy or sane for a long time. I feel like Jackson was physically and mentally exhausted and that’s not something to be fixed in two weeks, so please JYPE get ALL OF YOUR ARTISTS regular health check ups. Don’t overwork them. Don’t stress them out too much. Make sure they are well rested, fed and mentally stable. And also, please don’t lie or be vague to us (the fans) about the condition of our beloved idols. This goes for all entertainment companies, but no one should feel so pressured to work to the point where they vomit and collapse during a schedule. This should never happen again.


Yugyeom just enjoying the moment not worrying about his future

Keyword: Im Jaebum

Keyword: Bambam

But before GOT4 can escape the dark room

Except this man

Yugyeom got his revenge for all the “hidden camera” GOT6 put him through


Visual7 here to slay our lives looking like super snacks. Seriously they are so damn handsome. They have all grown so much into such handsome talented men not that they ever weren’t but the glo up and growth is just amazing to see.

The likelihood of a male kpop idol taking off their shirt (according to the three major companies):


Idol: Hey can I take off my shirt.

Sooman: yes but only when you’re old enough

Sooman: now go do crunches so you have sick abs


Idol: Hey can I take off my shirt.

YG: Yeah go ahead

YG: In fact do it before you debut

YG: That way you can accumulate more fans before you’ve released a single song. Then when you do you’ll make me lots of money muahahaha


Idol: Hey can I take off my shirt


JYP: But you can crossdress on stage

Idol: But

JYP: shhhh *hands him a dress and wig*

*BONUS* Big Hit Entertainment

Idol: Hey can I take off my shirt

Bang PD: is your name Park Jimin

Idol: No.

Bang PD: Then no

Jimin: lol sorry guys

Getting to Know the Big Three
  • SM Entertainment: Shitty Management Entertainment
  • YG Entertainment: Y God Entertainment
  • JYP Entertainment: Jesus You Pricks Entertainment

It truly breaks my heart that Mark still doesn’t feel like he’s apart of GOT7…even after all this time. I just want him to know you are loved by them and us, remember it’s 7 or never, Jackson didn’t just say that because it was the right thing to say…he meant it. We can’t see GOT7 without you. We’d miss that high pitched laugh when you’re really tickled, the way you switch between English and Korean, your savage attitude, and most of all that bright and beautiful smile, I know men don’t like hearing this but you are beautiful man. I hope your attitude changes in the future, we love you and most importantly GOT7 loves you. Without you we’d have no complete rap line, please continue to smile and stay happy. ❤