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Jyounouchi hated ghosts.

Actually, Bakura liked to count on that. The blonde was easy to torment, easy to play with. Like a cat toying with a mouse before eating it. At least he was smarter than the other one–Honda, who was stupid enough to punch an incoming bolder, wouldn’t have been nearly as fun to harass at night.

Especially now that he was dead.

Bakura liked to tap and pull on his windows, knowing Jyounouchi didn’t have the spiritual awareness on his own to see him. The boy would wake, just a little, just enough to notice the draft, and Bakura would slam the window shut again moments before he could close it.

Some nights, Jyounouchi would shriek, and others he wouldn’t. Bakura found that this entirely depended on whether his father was home, and that was almost impressive. Even half asleep, Jyounouchi did have some self-preservation instincts. It was almost refreshing.

Of course, he much preferred the nights when he’d scream.

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The strangest thing, Yuugi decided, about dating his best friend, was that nothing had changed between them. In many respects, they were exactly as they’d always been; Jyounouchi came to sleep over, and usually slept on the floor simply because he was too tall for Yuugi’s bed. They went out to eat together and played video games. They dueled.

The biggest change was that they’d stopped watching porn together.

Yuugi wasn’t sure he wanted to question that; he’d long suspected that Jyounouchi had figured his preferences out early on, as he’d ‘accidentally’ brought gay porn a few times. They’d laughed at it more than anything else, but it was the uncomfortable sort of laughing that seemed to come from legitimately enjoying what they were watching. The why-are-we-watching-this-together? Kind.

But today that was going to change. They’d dated a year–anniversaries were easy when they coincided with birthdays, after all–and with graduation behind them, Yuugi didn’t see any reason to keep playing at being chaste.

…Plus, Pryde Productions had released a new Magic&Wizards parody. There was no way Yuugi was letting Jyounouchi get out of watching the Black Magician seduce the Flame Swordsman.

Wishshipping for Tween

It was too hot to be alive.

Actually, it was only the beginning of summer, and Yuugi and Jyounouchi both knew that it would only get worse as the day progressed, but that didn’t change their minds any. 

Yuugi was stripped down to his boxers–it was his house, and mama wasn’t home, and Jiichan certainly didn’t care–while Jyounouchi was just barely more modest, for once; he was still wearing his shirt.

He’d just poured water all over himself.

“Yuugi, I think I’m gonna die like this,” Jyounouchi moaned, staring up at the ceiling from the kitchen floor. It was the only tiled floor in the small house big enough for both of them to lie down without touching each other. It was too hot for physical contact. “What’s the temperature, anyway…?”

“Too hot,” Yuugi groaned back, placing a half-thawed bag of peas over his eyes. Maybe that would help cool him off. “I think we need actual ice, Jyounouchi-kun…”

“I’m not gettin’ dressed to pick it up.”

“Me neither.”