fangirl challenge

13/50 male characters: Jimmy Collins (Smash)

"Look, my past is my past, and all that matters is where I am right now, and that is right here with you, okay?"

Things that are not ok || Nick Jonas and Harry Styles Manips

First lets just appreciate this…


they’re both fetus and that hurts

wow ok

is should be illegal to manips of these two!


ok i lied please don’t ever leave me i love you

this is just cruel!

WHoever made this needs to go and think long and hard out what they’ve done because i’m crYING

i cannot cope. 

For You

This one is for you. To know you’re not alone. I struggle too.

And the truth is no matter how beautiful our souls are, the superficial will beauty gets to us.

And in a simple way we kinda want people to see us with a little lust.

And I could tell you how a pizza is more than the crust. Or how beautiful you are and how your mind is intriguing, you’re a person worth keeping or simply that your potential is just hidden. Or that you’re a garden of flowers waiting to bloom. Or my fav part. Telling someone they’re art.

But I won’t. It won’t change your view of yourself. I know, I live there everyday. Only you can. Celebrate the little victories. There is strength in the acknowledgement of weakness. Insecurities are tough. Especially the ones we face.

You don’t need people to tell you that you’re beautiful . You need people that’ll make you feel that way. Hopefully I’ll believe I’m beautiful one day. I know my soul is. Your soul will always shine through.

No we aren’t picture perfect. We may be torn apart. But when you pick up all your pieces you can still be a collage.

-I’m in the same boat. We float together