jyler appreciation post

Tyler paced through his fathers office, nibbling on his nails and shaking viciously. Why would he say those things to Jeremy? Why would he be so stupid as to tell him to just drop dead? Tyler didn’t know, but what he did know is that he didn’t mean it. He didn’t mean any of it. He was just scared. Scared of what people would think if they found out about them. So instead he took the easy way out. It had been over an hour since they broke up. Jeremy still wasn’t answering Tyler’s calls. He planned on apologising, begging for him to take him back because in all honesty Tyler couldn’t imagine a world without Jeremy in it, even though there was a time when they were once enemies, rivals for some reason. A time when he didn’t care. But he did care. And he knew what Jeremy was capable of, what disturbing thoughts that circled his mind. Therefore after the seventh time he called Jeremy he began to worry. “Jeremy I-I…I’m sorry okay? Tell me where you are and I’ll come and we can talk, clear the air and get back to normal…just please don’t do anything stupid okay?”