150418 Yoochun - 12 Male Idols Who Look Even Hotter with Glasses

Nowadays, glasses are a must-have accessory worn by everyone from nerds to fashionistas. That being the case, you can be sure that K-pop artists are also in on the trend by wearing the thick-framed, hipster glasses popular today. Some people, like Chanyeol ofEXO, are well-known for wearing glasses almost all the time (and looking awfully good while doing so!), but there are plenty of others who let their style shine with a pair of cute spectacles.

Yoochun – JYJ

Yoochun has always had sparkling, lively eyes that draw your attention and seem to mirror his warm personality. What better way to make them stand out even more then by  framing them with some adorable glasses?

Source: Soompi
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