key to my heart (don’t you dare lose it) // l.h.

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// mountains crumble, he gets dragged into the sea, and all because of you.

His favorite thing about the ocean was how the water met with edge of the world. The colors of the sunset blended with the clear water, and somehow he knew everything would be okay eventually. The light would dim, the edges morphed into one—like you and him—and the world sighed. The waves would quietly crash onto the sand, they would wrap their hands around his ankles while whispering that they were going to mend his heart. He felt at peace. Then you would come into his view, your hair would dance into the wind, the shine in your eyes would reflect off the sun, and the waves were no longer peaceful. They grabbed him with great force, dragging him to the unfaithful seas. No longer whispering sweetly, they would taunt him. Times up, they would sneer. It’s time to wake up.

He should have known that it wouldn’t last. Everything comes to an end; a piece of cake, a tv program, a fiery love that turns to ice cold bitterness. The worst thing about it, about the whole summer, was your endless disagreement that you would survive the year. You didn’t believe—you didn’t have faith—that the three month relationship would last beyond that. It was great what you had; you didn’t think that you felt any happier than when you were with him. But seasons change, the leaves fall off the trees, and love always drowns. He was falling in love with you, so he would fight off the choking hold the waves had on him. He would punch and kick and scream—all for you. He wasn’t going to let your love die.

But you were.

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Now Available for Pre-Order: “Flying Without a Net” by E.M. Ben Shaul

I understand Shir HaShirim, the Song of Songs, much more now. I can relate to the lover who is basking in the beauty of their beloved, who is so struck by the appearance of the one who is in their heart that they wax poetic, that they write the most epic of love songs.

“My beloved is mine, and I am his, that feeds among the roses.”

One of Publishers Weekly’s top ten most anticipated romance titles for Fall 2016


Dani Perez, a secular Israeli working as a software engineer in Boston, has never had trouble balancing his faith and his sexuality—until he meets Avi Levine, a gay Orthodox Jew and sign language interpreter. As they fall in love, Dani finds himself wanting Avi in his life, but he can’t understand how Avi reconciles what his religion demands with what his body desires. And although he wants to deny it, neither can Avi.

Despite the risk of losing Avi forever to a religious life that objects to their love, Dani supports him through the struggle to find an answer. Will they be able to start a life together despite religious ideology that conflicts with the relationship they are trying to build?

Price: $17.99 print / $6.99 multi-format ebook
Release Date: November 17, 2016
Details: Trade paperback, 6"x9"
ISBN: 978-1-941530-11-5 print // 978-1-941530-12-2 ebook
US/Canada:  If you place both the print and ebook versions in your cart and order before November 20, 2016, you will receive the multi-format eBook for free with the discount code FLYING.
International: Order the print edition by January 17, 2016 from your favorite book retailer and receive free multi-format eBook by submitting a copy of your receipt to contact@interludepress.com.

About the Author

E.M. Ben Shaul lives in many communities. An Orthodox Jew and writer of gay fiction, E.M. lives in the simultaneously gay-friendly and Jewish-friendly Boston area with her husband and twin daughters. A technical writer by day and freelance editor by nights and weekends, E.M. likes to knit, cook and coin neologisms. E.M. seeks to explore the seeming conflict between religious teachings and the heart’s desires. Get to know E.M. on Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook.

Cover art and design by C.B. Messer

Needy (kandreil)

Neil is tired. He’d woken up extra early that morning to run. Add morning practice, a full day of classes, afternoon practice, and night practice with Kevin on top of that, and he’s pretty solidly worn out. As soon as they get back, he changes and collapses face first on the bed.

He doesn’t realize he’s fallen asleep, until he wakes up to Kevin gently maneuvering him under the covers, and crawling in next to him. Neil’s eyes blink open to meet Kevin’s green ones. Kevin leans down, pressing a kiss against Neil’s forehead. But Neil isn’t happy with that. He tips his face up, and pulls Kevin’s down for a proper kiss. Kevin indulges him for a few moments, but pulls back when Neil nips his lip and tries to coax him into a deeper kiss.

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