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JYJ REACT: To you refusing to sleep in the same room after a fight

Scene: You two had a really petty argument over something so stupid it was ridiculously important for you not to give in. So having spent the majority of the day ignoring each other you both returned home only for you to refuse to sleep in the same room with him. You would even take the couch to make your point.

Jaejoong: Would most definitely keep trying to convince you to forget about the petty argument and just get to bed already because it was super late and you both had work early in the morning. After a few minutes of his tireless reasoning you would give in and forget whatever it was that had made you mad at him.

“Y/N-ah this is so childish. We won’t be able to work if neither of us can stay awake tomorrow.”

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Yoochun: Would give you pitiful looks and let out long sighs like a little puppy hoping it would make you change your mind. And it worked.

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Junsu: He would lie in bed moping because he was used to having you beside him. Tossing and turning he would call out your name every five minutes in hopes that out of annoyance you would come snuggle up with him and forget the fight you two had.

“Y/N-ah you won’t be comfortable on the couch.”

*5 minutes later*

“Y/N-ah…I’m lonely.”

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well actually…

this is me right now

I am just so absolutely proud of JYJ and I am immensely happy for them. We know the pain and struggle they had to endure to get here and it was all worth it because now they have made history and I feel so proud and honored to be their fan.

Always here to love and support you. JYJ Fighting!!!

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