I made a reasonably extensive list of things I wanted to do during my life when I was…16ish.

things I can cross off

  • have a roommate I’m really close to
  • celebrate Christmas in South America or Spain (I did Spain, and not Christmas per se, but only a matter of days away)
  • go backpacking in Europe with a friend or two
  • go to a bonfire (whooo, Guy Fawkes Day!)
  • be an RA/intern/counselor at a summer camp
  • visit Taiwan again (I could cross this one off like three times)
  • learn how to use a bow and arrow (in fact, I spend a couple hours a week on this)
  • eat healthy and exercise for at least six months (I’m confused about why I set a duration to this)
  • use public transportation for a year
  • live in a city
  • go on a cruise (well, I’m gonna)
  • vote

things I can’t cross off (yet)

  • build a sandcastle
  • have a penpal
  • bake cookies (or I have, but not independently)
  • go to Comic Con
  • celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  • celebrate Chinese New Year in China or Taiwan
  • visit 25 castles
  • fly first class
  • run a 5k (or, I have, but probably not fast enough to qualify or otherwise embarrass myself)
  • learn how to ride a bike