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May I request a prompt? It's a bit angsty, it's where The Winter Soldier, Captain America and the reader are in a life-threatening situation and only two of them could make it out alive, the reader devises a plan, which requires her to stay behind and get killed. The they both get out safely thinking the reader is safe too until they look back and realize that it's too late...Thank you very much for taking your time, if you can't do it, I absolutely understand:)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader | Steve x Reader
Fandom: MCU
Warnings: death and no happy ending (I hate myself for this lol)

A/N: omg girl, you really know how to make someone cry, lol. anyways, this prompt is amazing, gave me a LOT of feels and I made it super angsty (I really hope that’s what you wanted haha.) 


“You know,” Punch. “When you told me you’d take me out,” Punch. “I was either hoping for dinner,” Kick. “Or a threesome.”

You turned around to the two men behind you who had a pile of men lying around them and grinned.

“Oh come on, (Y/N). You love this,” Cap answered, throwing his shield to hit the last man entering the room, before collecting it again.

“Maybe. But a threesome? That would’ve been a lot more appreciated today.”

Both men looked at each other, laughed and then followed you to the transmission room of the Hydra base.

You instantly saw it.

And that’s when your previous happy mood disappeared in a matter of seconds.

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Princess Liana was nervous to come to Scottish court. She had been traveling with her father the Lord of France who had come to make a peace treaty with the Lord of Scotland. Scotland was completely different than her home. It was prettier as well, the lands filled with nature. She hadn’t seen many things like it. They were walking the halls to go meet with the lord himself to speak to him about trying to find him a wife to help him rule. She was there for moral support for her father, for one day she would rule France on his behalf. When they entered the room Lord Caden was in she bowed her head as well as her father and her ladies as well. “His lord of France, with his daughter Princess Liana your grace.” Someone announced to him.


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Luna took the album from Caden and looked down at the picture with a small smile. She’s tried so hard to avoid being in that picture before he pulled her in and wrapped an arm around her shoulders. There was no escaping at that point. “I wanted to look good.” She shrugged before holding the album back out towards him. “I was finally eighteen and there were college guys around. I wasn’t going to show up looking like a slob.” But in reality she had wanted Caden to notice that she was old enough for him to look at.


USJ 「UNIVERSAL COOL JAPAN」 Introduction video