Only Make Believe

For @jonxsansafanfiction​ Valentines Challenge
Day 1: First Kiss
Summary: When Sansa leaves Joffrey with nothing but a suitcase and her little girl, her brother Robb and his flatmates come to the rescue. A “Three Men and a Little Lady” AU (because I am thoroughly ridiculous).

A peck. That’s all Sansa intends when she surges forward, arms thrown about Jon’s neck. But as she presses her lips to his, she lingers.

Sansa has known her share of kisses, on and off the stage, but as she feels Jon respond to the gentle pull of her mouth, his stubble rough under her palms, his chest warm and firm and close, she begins to wonder if she has ever been properly kissed before.

Jon has always been a such a steadying presence for her (for all of them), but there is nothing steady about the way she feels in his arms.

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So here’s a little colored sketch of @jxandthebadwells :3

Their music is pretty cool and I love the message of body positivity they’re spreading :) Also, they talk about the importance of consent. So how could I not draw them haha

So go check out their music and tumblr ^^