Japan Expo 1st Impact!! Staffing adventures…. Kinda.. Recorded first two days while on duty haha. I am so thoroughly exhausted but I had a great time seeing everyone, meeting new ppl, running into 1000say and Gamushara Oendan so many times with @sherrymeows that they actually called out to us and waved whenever we see one another, and most of all bonding with my other staff peeps. Some real sweet people<3 #japanexpo #jx #jx2013 #japanexpo2013 #japanexpousa #ookamikodomo #wolfchildren

Well I went to japan expo usa on saturday…

It was really really quiet but it was alright I guess??
I went with a few friends and it was their first time going to an anime event so i was like “oh… i promise it’s not always like this” when we got there

but yeah the only thing i bought was a LoL cell phone charm, that’s okay though, that means i still have money.

BUT I think the highlight of my day was gamer guy???
My friends and I spent like at least 75% of the day in the game room because there wasn’t much to do but THAT’S OKAY THERE WAS AN ATTRACTIVE STAFF GUY who I didn’t talk to because I probably would’ve been like “wat” but yes yes very good. He kept telling us that we would lose every game that we played.



GAMUSHARA OENDAN!!!!! Performance I caught with @sherrymeows while we were on break! #japanexpo2013 #japanexpousa #jx2013 #japanexpo #gamusharaoendan