NerdlyNews joins the fray.

If you didn’t ship our two networks before, it’s canon now. The “What is Tumblr Con?” section has been updated to explain.
After the initial stage of planning, a proposal will be made that we can shop around to sponsors using our various connections. If all goes well with TumblrCon LA, eventually, you can expect one in New York.

Now that the Channel 101 10th Anniversary party has taken place, I can finally show off my design for the tshirt!

At the previous month’s screening, they announced that they would be accepting submissions for the 10th Anniversary design. I immediately started picturing it in my head. I sent off a rough draft later that week and they loved it! With a few character suggestions from some of my more veteran Channel 101 friends, a lot of status update emails, many all night laptop and tablet sessions, and several cramped hands later, it was complete!

There ended up being three variations of it printed depending on shirt color:

  • Black w/printed white on most color shirts
  • Black only with transparent interior on lighter shirts like off white and light grey
  • No Black w/printed white and a white outline on the dark grey shirts

Clockwise the shows I included are:

Le Typewriter, George Warrior, Oh Shit!, Return to Supermans, House of Cosbys, Twigger’s Holiday, MESI, Yacht Rock, Cautionary Tales of Swords, Gigabots, Gumbel, 2 Girls 1 Cup: The Show, Ikea Heights, Laser Fart, Car Jumper, and Timebelt.

I would have added more if I’d had the time, but I still like how it turned out. Maybe I’ll keep adding more to it for some kind of poster to sell at the Channies in December.

The shirts were only available in a limited run at the event. They sold rather quickly and people still wanted them, so if they get enough interest they may do a second run. You would still have to attend a screening to purchase one however, should they do that.