We’re finalizing these images so I’m only attaching a low-res version.  I’ll post the high-res version when they’re ready.  When the brand finally launches we’ll have seven of these recipe pages completed and ready to share.  Hopefully they'll provide some inspiration for what you can do with black tea (other than drink it straight!)  With fruit starting to make it to local markets, we’re lucky with our timing!  What do you think?

A lot of tea drinkers I meet are intimidated to use loose-leaf tea.  No matter how I try to explain that loose-leaf tea is, in a lot of ways, easier (not to mention much better tasting) than using tea bags, they still don’t feel comfortable to try something new.  So, to help we’re developing a series of .gif files showing how easy it is to drink loose-leaf tea.  What do you think?

The 2013 lineup is starting to take shape.  I have had some remarkable and memorable teas (and some not so remarkable and memorable teas), made some great contacts and feel very excited for the upcoming harvest.  But, I’m also excited to be returning to Shanghai and to soon return home to my beautiful wife and my beautiful daughters.


It’s unfortunate that the tea industry is still stuck in the language of blends and adjuncts.  It was not that long ago that tea sellers started “blending” teas with dehydrated and dried ingredients to keep their costs down (tea is much more expensive than dried fruits, herbs and spices) and to disguise any off flavors of their teas.  One of our missions at Joseph Wesley Black Tea is to help tea drinkers wean themselves from the seduction of blended tea concoctions and to help them discover how to use a high-quality tea base with fresh and seasonal ingredients.  We’re currently working on the photo shoots for this project and I’m really excited with how the imagery is developing.