How I Realized Being A Jehovah's Witness Was Nonsense: Item # 1035

When buying suits becomes more of a priority than learning scripture than you know JW’s are full of nonsense. When more emphasis is placed on the condition, type and manner of your suit rather than exhibiting true Christ like compassion and love than you know JW’s are full of nonsense.

How I Learned Being A Jehovah's Witness Was Nonsense: Item #57,098

When the Governing Body realized they screwed up some time honored JW teaching or doctrine they alter said info by saying “the light get’s brighter” or to put it another way “God gives us new light on old information.” This sort of thing has happened countless times in Jehovah’s Witness land to the point where they make God look like a misdirecting, deceiving and lying bastard. When I was with the Witnesses during my youth we studied a big red book called The Revelation book which was packed to the gills with all sorts of wild explanations for world events and how the Bible foretold them. The paragraphs read like someone was writing after a fever dream and just coming up with any old nonsense to string historical figures and situations into a coherent whole that could then be shoehorned to fit verses in the the Bible book of Revelations. Well time marches on, the current “system” lasted longer than the fossils at the JW headquarters thought it would and thus went ahead and made 70 changes to that Rev book in order to appear like God was like “Remember that stuff I inspired you to write back in ‘88? Yeah, a lot of that was rubbish, I was just pulling your chain. Here, I’ll make the light brighter so you will have some new misinformation to obsess over.” Yeah. Later.

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