At the beginning of the year me and my band geek friend decided to name our saxophones Fred and George because we re the only bari saxes and mine was Fred and his was George.

In November a key fell off George and couldnt be properly fixed so we put some tape over it for the time being.

And then one day in January Fred just stopped working, just like that. Everyone teased me about it and said that ‘Fred is dead’ but then we sent it into the shop and he came back good as new and everything was fine.

But then I started playing other stuff and didnt have enough time for Fred and he slowly fell out of my life.

So Fred is dead but thats because i had to move on to better things and this story really has no good point at all but i think its funny how it all went and this is how you get over the death of fictional characters ladies and gents thank you very much