Who am I?

Simple. A 17 year old JW teen forced to live a double life. “But are you really forced?” you may ask. Yes. For one, I can’t openly say I don’t believe in the existence of a superior being. I would need ‘spiritual’ help. (Think about it. If someone wanted to force you to believe Santa Claus was real.) For another, going against the faith my parents have (and I had when I blindly believed everything my parents told me) would get me shunned from the only people I am in constant communication with. But I must admit I have it easier than some. I find solace in books and media. They’ve never serched my stuff and especially not my phone. And that, my friends, is a huge outlet source for me. If you need a place to vent I am here to help as best as I can.

“I just want somebody I can stay up late talking to about prophecy and how excited I am to see things unfolding, or sharing my favorite scriptures with and hearing about theirs. Not some guy who most likely has never picked up a bible, isn’t sure if he believes in God, but gets totally bummed that I don’t want to celebrate holidays or birthdays with him."