Breathless (Reid x Reader)

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Title: Breathless

Pairing:  Spencer Reid x Reader

Request: Do one where Spencer is in love with the Reader

Triggers/Warnings: None J

Words: 811

My first one! Thanks for the request!


It was late. You sat there typing away on your laptop. This report felt like it was sucking the life out of you. You had been at it for hours and the rest of the team had already packed up and left.

“Go home and get some rest Y/N,” Hotch tiredly staggered down the stairs.

You snickered as he yawned and he stared at you with a stern expression.

“I mean it,” he grumbled.

“Yeah, yeah.  I’m almost done,” you waved him off and spun back around to your desk. Unfortunately, you had said the exact same thing to Morgan when he left.

Thirty minutes had passed by since Hotch left and the only thing lighting up the office was your stunningly bright screen.  Typing up the last sentence, you remembered this case as it passed through your mind. The unsub was a woman hairdresser who would choose a customer, stalk them, and eventually slit their throats. She actually attempted to run when the SWAT Team surrounded her, crazy bitch.

Someone cleared their throat behind you and you jumped out of your seat, the thoughts of the case washed from your mind instantly. You whirled around scanning the office for the culprit until your eyes landed on him.

Spencer Reid. He was standing there with his messenger bag wrapped around him, his shaggy hair was draping over his head and even though it was dark, the computer screen allowed you to see his droopy eyes.

“Oh…sorry Y/N,” he stammered. “I didn’t know anyone else was here.” He shoved his hands in his pockets, looking sheepish.

You shrugged, “Surprise!” you smirked.

Spencer gave a small smile, peeking at you through his bangs. He eyes darted down to the floor and he shuffled his feet.

“You okay?” you questioned. You felt nervous, Spencer was possibly the sweetest guy in the world and he meant everything to you. The first time you laid eyes on him, you practically fell head over heels for him. You hung on his every word, every fact, and every smile. And now here he was; tired and alone.

He nodded and slowly approached you, hands still buried in his pockets. “I heard you’re still working on that report,” he jerked his head towards your laptop.

You plopped back down in your chair, feeling useless. Throwing back your head, you groaned and covered your face.

“I only just finished and I’m exhausted, Spence.” You were the only one on the team who called Spencer by his first name. He never seemed to mind and always looked puzzled when you called him Reid.

He didn’t say anything; he just walked closer and leaned against your desk, facing you.

You looked up into his doughy, brown eyes for what seemed like an eternity before he reached down and brushed your cheek with his hand.

You felt your heart begin to race.

He bit his lip. “Did you know it takes less than four minutes to decide whether or not you have feelings for someone,” He then chuckled. “It only took me about two.”

“Wha-what are you-“ you struggled to stammer out the words before he slowly leaned down and pressed his lips to yours.

It felt like your heart had just exploded. Your eyes fluttered shut as you passionately kissed him back.

He pulled away, “I’m sorry Y/N, I-I just…um,” He stuttered. With a giggle, you pounced out of your chair and threw your arms around his neck and pulled him into an intense kiss. His tongue collided with yours as his hand rested below your ear and his thumb caressed your cheek. His lips were soft and he was so gentle and cute. His hands got tangled in your hair and then they slowly moved down your body until he was rolling his hips into yours. You let out a soft moan, but Spencer silenced you by once again crashing his lips into yours. There was no space between you two and you were sure he could hear your heartbeat. You ran your fingers down his spine and inhaled sharply. He began nuzzling your neck with delicate kisses, causing you to giggle due to you being ticklish.

He stopped and looked up at you before grinning, “Stop it.”

You cocked your head in confusion, “What?”

“You’re so adorable,” he sighed, wrapping his arms around your waist. He then, surprisingly, lifted you up onto your desk and placed himself in-between your legs.

You squealed with a smile, never feeling so happy.

“Y/N, I love you,” he spoke so clearly as if he had practiced saying it a hundred times. Before letting you respond, he then kissed you again, but this time much softer and sweeter. You never wanted to pull away.

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Hey there, Sam! It's me, Sam here! I don't know if you know this, but it's your good pal Mandy's birthday soon! And seeing as she's, like, the best person ever, so funny and talented and kind (she even wrote you a birthday fic last year!), I think it'd be a good idea if you wrote her a super special birthday fic, maybe set in the Werewolf!Jeremy AU that the two of you came up with together when you first started talking? I think she'd like that a lot! Anyway, toodles! :)

A/N - Why, Sam, you’re right! That is a great idea! Thanks, Me, you’re my best friend! But yes, it is my fantastic pal Mandy’s birthday today, and I whipped her up a little present, aside from embarasssing myself by using my personal account to message my writing blog. Mandy is the goddamn coolest and I adore the hell out of her (I would highly recommend checking out her writing at @mandywritesrtthings ), so it only seemed fair that I repay her with her own birthday fic! Plus, I ain’t gonna turn down an excuse to write more Werewolf!Jeremy. For those keeping track of the other fics I’ve written in this AU, I’d say that canonically this takes places after the first fic I wrote, but before the Defending-Her-From-Some-Not-So-Nice-People fic, so CONTINUITY!! Mandy darling, I hope you enjoy the hell out of this, and hopefully some other folks round these parts will like it too! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MANDY!! :D

Pairing - Jeremy x Reader

Warnings - Swearing, sex, general werewolf AU schtuff, a poor, tiny, horny J

Word Count - 4, 872

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Something Beautiful-Part 01-The Beginning

Summary: This is loosely based off of a dream I had the other day. Eventual StevexReader but it’s gonna be a slow burn guys! College!AU Where Reader is looking for a place to live off campus and when she is advised to check out an apartment of a friend of a friend who turns out to be Steve, it leads to a beautiful friendship and so much more.

Please guys, if you haven’t figured this out by now, I am terrible at summaries.  This part is super cute J

Words: 1706

No Warnings, save maybe a curse word or two

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When your friend handed you the ad for ‘roommate wanted’, you’d felt like it was divine intervention. All summer you had been searching for an apartment off campus, but hadn’t had any luck finding a suitable place yet.  You were just about to start your last year as an undergrad and had decided it was time to move off campus.

The dorms were always full of rowdy freshman, yelling and drinking and passing out in the hallways, which made walking through the hallways without being flashed or slipping in vomit nearly impossible.  You were 21 years old, held a pretty steady job as a waitress at an upscale restaurant 4 evenings a week making a livable wage off tips alone so you decided to move off campus; start integrating into the real world.

“You sure this guy’s not a creep?” You’d asked as you took the slip from Nat as you walked away from the computer lab.

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Date with a Demon

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Date with the Demon

Anonymous said to 5minutefanfiction:

Are you still taking requests? If so could you do one were the boys want the teen!reader to go undercover at a middle school b/c there is a demon there. And then the reader gets stressed about homework and decides the invite a classmate to help and it makes Cas uncomfortable b/c he likes the reader. Then the classmate attacks the reader b/c he ends up being a demon!! *crowd gasps* and Cas saves her and it gets SUPER SUPER fluffy between them and Cas confesses to the reader. Sorry it is so long!

Authors Note: I’m sorry if I changed it a bit too much. I had issues with Cas and a young reader. So I needed to work it in a way that could work without being creepy and just wrong. J


Castiel watched from the next dimension as Y/N sat with her brothers going over the hunt.

‘So, we’re betting on demon?’ Dean asked. ‘Making God damn deals in a school?’

‘Looks that way,’ Sam sighed.

‘How exactly are you two going to find that without looking creepy and weird,’ Y/N asked, stealing a chip off Dean’s plate.

‘Salad, Y/N,’ Sam sighed.

Y/N added ketchup and smiled. Her older brother’s face grew annoyed. Dean looked at her proudly.

‘Thatta girl.’

‘Dean, she needs a balanced diet. We need a balanced diet.’

‘Dude, I’m a kid. I don’t do balanced diets. I think it’s something that comes when you’re old.’

‘Hey,’ both boys complained.

13 year old, Y/N flashed them an award winning style and grabbed her history book and got back into her study.

Living and hunting with the two wasn’t the easiest on her education. But she managed, after some trial and error they settled on home schooling. She had home schooled with her Mum, but it was an online Christian Education, her Mum had turned to God, during her pregnancy and raised Y/N by the bible.

Now the issue was, what did she need to learn. Sam voted on the basics that allowed for college applications and attendance. Dean voted on unschooling and teaching her the ways of the world. So far Y/N was getting both. And given the amount of time the boys spent shooting things, traditional education seemed better. Both boys agreed that religion was a bust. Y/N however, wasn’t sure. So she often sat with Castiel and discussed it. Learned what she could. She had no idea why, but she felt it was important.

Cas watched her intently, as he always did. He still struggled to believe she was here, and hunting with the Winchesters. He still struggled to believe she was a Winchester. Y/N was the result of a one night stand between her Mum and John. She had tracked down the boys not long after John died. Her mum had died in a car accident and she was trying to find her Dad or the state would put her in a home. The boys took her in and haven’t looked back since.

She was without a doubt a Winchester, right through every molecule. Her soul however, her soul is what kept Cas watching her from the shadows. In Heaven every angel has a soul mate. One that once they see each other they know, there is no doubt in it. For Cas that was Y/N. Her vessel was too young, and her soul still human. But come the end of her days, she will become an angel. Not like most humans who die and just live out their time in heaven. When Y/N dies, she will gain her wings and in that time she will become Castiel’s. Until then, he was to watch over her, protect her, keep her safe.

‘Are you sure I have to learn about the civil war?’ she groaned.

‘Yes,’ Sam sighed.

‘No,’ Dean offered.

‘Dean’s older, he’s in charge. Civil war’s a bust.’

‘Learn it, Y/N,’ Sam smiled.

He watched as she sulked and got work.

‘You’re almost done for the year anyway.’

‘Dude, it’s not even half way through, how the hell is she done?’

‘Based on grading, work completed and the sheet they gave us, she is almost done.’

‘Then what?’ Y/N asked.

‘You can stop or keep going push through as quick as you can, graduate early.’

‘That. Let’s do that.’

The boys woke Y/N up the next day and smiled as she threw a pillow at them.

‘Go away.’

‘Sorry Princess, but you are off to school today.’

‘You’s a Funny jerk, aren’t you,’ YN mumbled to Dean, before drifting back off to sleep.

‘Serious Y/N. We need you to go undercover and located the demon.’

Y/N rolled over and looked at them.

‘Sorry, I was dreaming. What?’

‘You’re going in.’

‘To school? To an actual school?’



‘Y/N,’ Sam tried.

‘You both suck,’ Y/N complained, pushing past them to the bathroom.

‘You can’t send her in to hunt alone,’ Cas growled, appearing before the boys.

‘What the hell, Cas?’

‘It’s too dangerous.’

‘No, you spying is dangerous,’ Dean growled.

‘She needs to be kept safe. A school isn’t a safe place.’

‘Do not tell me how to raise my kid sister,’ Dean growled.

‘She is not a hunter,’ Cas argued.

‘Cas,’ Sam tried calmly.

The two Winchesters knew of Castiels emotions towards Y/N, they knew what was happening. Neither liked it. It was creepy. Dean hated the “Twilight imprinting bullshit”, and Sam was worried because she was only 13. But they also knew his feelings weren’t love and sexual. They were of protection and friendship, but that didn’t make things much easier.

The boys won and Y/N found herself sitting in the principal’s office nervously playing with the sleeve on her shirt, pulling it down so it covered the palms of her hands.

‘Based on your test scores, I have to say I’m impressed,’ Principal Stanton exclaimed.

‘Thank you.’

‘You two have done well with her. But like you said with her intelligence a proper education might be the better choice.’

By the end of the first day, Y/N was completely overwhelmed. There were kids her age everywhere. Discussing clothes, tv shows, dating, smart phone apps, and piles of other things that didn’t interest her. And then there was the school work. It was easy enough, but the homework was a killer. Y/N’s bag was weighed down with textbooks, note pads, essay requirements. She officially hated school. 6-7 hours in a building learning useless information, then another 3-4 hours at home doing extra work and homework. It’s no wonder there were reports of the education system failing kids.

The boys picked her up and she sat at the table and studied while they tried to get information out of her.

‘Seriously you two, I need to get this done. As I said, no sign of anything. No sulphur nothing.’

‘All this has to be done by tomorrow?’ Sam frowned.

‘Yes, and all of it pointless or I’ve already done. I did this,’ she held up her geography book, ‘two years ago.’

By the end of the fourth day, Y/N still hadn’t found anything. She even started telling teachers her last name was Cristo, it didn’t do anything. She was getting annoyed and grumpy. She hated school. The homework alone was taking her mind off the hunt. She was refusing to leave the motel after school because she had assignments to do. And then her history teacher gave them an assignment on none other than the civil war. Y/N could have cried. It was her worst and most hated subject.

‘You ok?’ one of the boys in her classed asked.

‘Yeah, I think. I don’t know. If I’m lucky the overload of homework will kill me and I won’t have to add this too it.’

‘That would be a shame, I’d miss seeing you,’ Clarke smiled.

Y/N felt herself blush.

‘It must be hard coming from home schooling to this?’

‘Mostly the hours. I only ever spent 4 hours a day at most on school work now it’s like 10.’

‘Yeah, that’s gotta suck. Do you want to partner for the war subject? It’s my favourite topic.’

‘Really? It’s my most hated.’

Clarke smiled at her, ‘I noticed you did well in English, I’d love you have your help with the essay on Shakespeare.’


Clarke agreed to come around after school to Y/N’s motel room. She had to explain that they were still looking for an apartment in town.

Y/N watched as their history teacher, gestured for a kid who wasn’t in their class to come into the room. She frowned and watched for a little bit longer before heading to lunch. She text the boys to tell them to put away the hunting gear and why, and to look into the teacher.

Neither Winchester was happy with the visitor, but they would accept anything right now that stopped Y/N from having another tantrum and would help with the homework stress.

Cas looked at the two of them upset. He didn’t like the idea of the child coming to visit. Something didn’t feel right. He tried to convince them to let him stay and watch but they said no. He was to come and and help with the teacher.

Y/N and Clarke had been studying for a while when Clarke suggested the have a break. The two chatted for a while. When he shifted his hand so it was holding hers. Her face went bright red as the blush rose up across it. After a little while, Clarke kissed her cheek. Y/N’s blush only deepened and she ran her free hand through her hair. Clarke caught sight of the bracelet she wore and tensed.

‘What was your last name again?’

‘Win- Christo.’

Clarke flinched and Y/N’s eyes grew wide.

‘You’re a damn Winchester!’ Clarke spat.

‘Oh my God, you’re the demon?’

‘That’s right you little brat. God damn Winchester’s you ruin everything. I had a sweet deal happening with those kids!’

‘They’re kids, you can’t-.’

The demon punched her in the face, stopping her protests. Y/N’s hands flew to her face, covering her split lip. He moved towards her and she hit him with everything she had and ran to the bed, yanking the duffle out from under it, hoping they had left her something. The demon kicked her in the stomach, before grabbing her hair and yanking her head back, kneeing her in the face.

Cas was with the boys as they checked out the teacher when he stopped, his essence filled with pain and dread. He knew, Y/N was in trouble.

‘It’s not her. It’s the child she’s with,’ he growled at Dean before transporting them out.

They appeared in the motel room and Cas killed the demon effortlessly, before turning to Y/N. Her body was broken, her bones shattered, her soul close to death. The knife she had grabbed had been used to carve her stomach and face up.

The two Winchester’s fell apart seeing their little sister like that.  Cas came over and healed her, bringing her back to her healthy self.

‘Thank you,’ Sam sobbed, hugging her.

Cas didn’t say anything, he just disappeared.

Y/N sat outside the motel room that night, drinking her coke. She called for Cas and waited until he appeared.

‘Thank you, for what you did.’

‘You don’t need to thank me.’

‘You saved my life Cas, I think I do.’

‘It is my duty to keep you safe. You should never have been hurt in the first place. If they had of listened this wouldn’t have happened.’

‘You knew it was Clarke?’

‘No, but the school thing. That wasn’t a good idea. You’re not strong enough to be left alone with a demon. And your time for wings has not yet come.’

‘My time for what?’

Cas sighed and told everything.

‘So you are there at night?’ she gasped.

‘I do not understand?’

‘I wake up every night and feel like you are there with me. But I can never see you. There have been times where I thought I saw your wings or your blue glow that comes with your essence. But I couldn’t see you and figured I was dreaming.’

‘You can sense me?’

‘Always, since we met.’

‘And you can see my wings?’

‘Yup, even now. I can’t see Gabriel’s but I can see yours. It’s weird.’

Cas smiled at this.

‘So I’m destined for wings and a halo,’ she frowned.


‘Explains the need for religion.’


‘My brothers are going to chuck a fit.’

‘They did, but it is better than hell. So they came around.’

‘They know?’


‘And they still let you around me?’

‘Yes, but not by choice. Dean didn’t like the twilight thing. I am still not sure of the reference.’

‘Ah Jacob imprinting on Reneesme. I’m surprised he paid attention. It is kinda creepy.’

‘I do not look at you like that now. Now I just need to protect you until you are older.’

Y/N nodded, ‘I can live with that.’

Cas once again looked into her soul, and watched as the wings started to form. She would no see past her 25th birthday. He knew one thing; she was to experience everything before that time. He waited until she fell asleep and suggested to the boys a list of things she needed to do. Disneyland, ice skating, camping, all the human experiences she can, while she can.


My first Mianite fic, hope I did them all justice and wrote an entertaining piece. Season 2 was wonderful, so much backstory and lore for us to play with and think about. I can’t wait for season 3 J

Word count: 1024


An explosion rocked the ground beneath the Devisers’ compound, no doubt one of the many reactors failing as the world collapsed around them. “I think it would be in our best interest to leave now.” The Deviser commented, looking at the portal and the machinery keeping it active. “At this rate it could fail at any second.”

 The sky people looked to each other and smiled. “Just like before.” Jordan said with an excited grin.

 “Just like before.”  Sonja agreed, taking Tucker’s hand.

 “See you guys on the other side.” Tom said with a genuine smile, not his usual smirk, before jumping in, the others close behind.

 It was if they had fallen into the abyss, a never ending darkness surrounding them but still somehow allowing enough light so they could see each other. “The void between worlds.” Jordan heard Dianite say.

 “Lets hope we aren’t here as long this time.” Tucker commented, ten years had been a bit too long for all of their tastes.

 Jordan looked to his left, seeing Andor holding tightly to his sombrero, determined not to lose it. Just past him were Martha and Waglington, fingers barely brushing. Jordan looked to his right and saw Tom, with Dianite and Mot next to him, openly holding hands, likely Mot’s doing. Tucker and Sonja were on the other side of Mot, also holding hands.

 When Jordan glanced back at Andor he was startled to see no one, he looked back towards Tom in a panic and found everyone was gone. He was alone as he fell through the endless darkness. Suddenly out of the corner of his eye, he saw flecks of purple energy, they drew closer and more numerous, curling and wrapping around him, leaving a comforting warmth.  

 “Fear not, everyone you care for it safe my dear friend. For now you must sleep, you will be reunited soon.” Ianite’s voice drifted through his head like a lazy melody, calming and reassuring. Her presence was like a blanket, engulfing him a soothing feeling that soon led to him closing his eyes and falling asleep.

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Oh, Trickster

Prompt: You’re a trickster in highschool with a certain caramel colored haired janitor.

Author: Admin J

Word Count: 1,192

Warnings: none really, just fluffy

Author’s Note: I hope you enjoy this mini fic while I’m writing part 2 to Twins! (Oh and if you find the Doctor Who easter egg, tell me! I love to hear feedback!)

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