It’s that time of year again :) I need some encouragement so I have a question for all the JW peoples.

Why are you convinced that Jehovah’s Witnesses are preaching the right message, guys? My answer is that it’s amazing how the Watchtower is published in 254 languages. According to the UN, however, 23 of the world’s most popular languages make up the native language of 4.1 billion people, or roughly 57% of the world. JW’s publish the Watchtower in 22 of those 23 languages (except Lahnda of Pakistan with 88.7 mil native speakers) PLUS 232 more! The website, jw.org, is translated in another astounding 496+ more (making the grand total of languages it’s translated into 750+)! Furthermore, publications in another 75 or so languages are available on jw. org. There is no other organization (religious or otherwise) that gets close to these numbers. Wikipedia is translated into 290 or so languages (as of July 2015) and Google even less. It’s just amazing. What about you guys? @basically—basic @repeat-thatpls @wherebirdsandfishlive @sweet-falcon-princess @fix-of-coffee @ny-nj-cali @candylove-universe @sparklyflareon @todd-from-eharmony @blue-eyed-white-wolf @invest-in-vests @indefinitelymagenta @salempineapples and the many more who I can’t recall atm…I’m looking forward to some insightful things…

Phinehas is by far my favorite Bible character! He had strong faith & took quick decisive action based on that faith that saved countless lives. I appreciate that so much because being decisive is one thing I need to put more work into. This particular audio drama (Warning Examples For Our Day) is probably my favorite thing ever produced by the Organization (ok top 3) It stirs up so much emotion in me! I get infuriated when I hear the lack of appreciation some of the Isrealites had for the manna (the very thing that kept them alive all those years in the wilderness 😡) I mean come on! The scriptures described manna as basically honey cakes. Jehovah gave them fat cakes that you can eat all day everyday & not get fat! Keep your meat I’ll take endless fat free fat cakes anyday! Then when Zimri brought the Mideonite woman into the camp WHILE JEHOVAH WAS ALREADY ENRAGED I just lose it! I’m steaming! 😠 All I’m thinking is this the same as Phinehas “GIVE ME MY SPEAR! I WILL TOLERATE NO RIVALRY TOWARD JEHOVAH!”
In fact I love the whole account of while they were in the wilderness. Then (though not mentioned in the drama) when they begged so much for meat Jehovah got so angry with them that he said “You will eat, not one day nor 2 days nor 5 days nor 10 days nor 20 days, but for a whole month of days, until it comes out of your nostrils and it has become loathsome to you, for you rejected Jehovah, who is in your midst…” They’re ungratefulness & selfish cravings cost many of them their lives.