This is another one form high school. these are pulled from my old sketchbooks. I’m not sure what the concept was here either, but I liked UFO’s and Twilight Zone. Makes me think of the episode The Monsters are Due on Maple Street. I was an X-files and general sci-fi nut, too.

Take it Slow

Though joy is sparse,

And we volley notes on notes,

You can only love the ebb.

My brother the moon.

I can’t speak of us in those terms,

Us finite. God, the fear of not knowing.

God, the unknown, like forever times everything.

It never ends, no way.

And look at you, shifting it all to you

And your time here in our town in my arms

Watching the lights go ‘til the stars brighten.

So abused and sick, you dealt pain like hearts in spades.

You coddled and flogged the whipping boy.

The hurt won’t heal you.

Given or felt, it won’t bring you back to life.