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So... Jehovah's Witnesses are the nicest people in the world, right?

The smiling, happy, polite, attentive old woman who is standing at your door, offering to teach you things from the bible? She is shunning her own son and his three children, and she is also shunning her stepson and his two children.

You see her smiling, helpful face. Her children and grandchildren haven’t seen or spoken to her in years.

You call her one of the nicest people in the world. I call her my mom.

Many people don’t know the truth or don’t know who we are. -We do not HATE gays or support them we are neutral - we do not try to CHANGE anybody’s religion we only try to teach/ help people understand more about the bible - We belive God has a son named Jesus Christ who died for us - We preach from door to door to imitate Jesus , that is what Jesus did he talked about his father and about the good news - we bring people GOOD news not bad we tell people there is a hope rev21:4 a resurrection for the dead and we help people with problems - we give out our magazines for free everything we have/ give out is free - Our magazines help people how to deal with any problems they are having and teach about Gods kingdon - We give out free bible studies to help people understand the bible in simple terms - we accept all people from every background - we do not protest we are always neutral For more information feel free to visit our official website http://www.jw.org/en/