whosthathufflepuff asked:

Jeeeet. I don't mean to add to the askbox mountain but I just had a quick question. What resolution/height/width/size-things do you use when making gifs? I've been trying to make my own and I can't quite figure out which size works best, and I figure you would be pro at this.

My episodes are 720x540, so they scale perfectly to 400x300, which is my default gif size. If it’s a widescreen (like with the movies, or Steven Universe), I tend to do with 300 height and let the width be whatever it is, (I think it’s like 522 or something, I don’t math.) Before Tumblr doubled its gif limitations, I used to have to resize them down a lot from there, and tried to do it in intervals of 50 until I could find something under 1MB. Not so much an issue these days, thankfully.

And then sometimes you want to isolate something in the gif rather than having it take up the full room, like say this huggy Usagi one.

In which case I just make the gif as normal, crop it, and then resize it from there to what looks best to my eye.

One potentially handy tip: while you can edit the HTML of a post to manually remove the “class=“tmblr-full"” attribute that stretches the image, if you keep its width to 299 or less, it won’t stretch in the first place. That may or may not affect whatever you’re looking to make.