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Negan x Number 6

Number 6 - The reader’s life as one of Negan’s wives. The first fic in the series. 

Just a Little Shower Fun - The reader enjoys her time with Negan. Next in the series.

Dreams - The reader finds out a secret of Negan’s. Third in the Number 6 series.

Perfect - The reader learns to accept her differences with the help of Negan. Just a side fic of Number 6.

Rub a Dub Dub - Fun With Negan in a Tub - The reader enjoys bathtime. Fourth in the Number 6 series.

Home - The reader realizes where she belongs.Fifth in the Number 6 series.

Snow Day - The reader enjoys a rare snowstorm with Negan. A side story with Number 6.

A Christmas Miracle part one - Number 6 receives a Christmas miracle with Negan’s help. 

A Christmas Miracle part two -   A little festive fun with Negan 

A Christmas Miracle part three - Negan celebrates with Number 6 a little early 

A Christmas Miracle part four - Enjoying your presents with Negan

Wife, Singular (ACM part five) - Big changes are coming

six minus five is One - Negan and Number 6 celebrate the big change

Being Number 1 isn’t Easy-  Number 6 and Negan’s new life has a rocky start

Box of Memories - Number 6 has a confrontation with the former wives

bad day ~ bad placeNumber 6 is in a bad mindset, Negan tries his best to help. WARNING -  triggers including self harm

Crazy Girl ~ Crazy Life ~ Number 6 reveals a bit of her past to Negan. ~triggers child abuse

Negan’s One and Only -  A bit of fun times with Negan and his only wife

Giving Her All ~ Number 6 takes care of Negan in a wonderful way

Reluctant Seductress~ Number 6 uses her natural talents to sway Negan

Finding Lucille ~ A glimpse into when Negan x Number 6 first met

All of the above fics except Snow Day and A Christmas Miracle part one are NSFW

Goddamn, I fucking love that girl series -

Shorter side fics of life with Negan x Number 6 (reader) from Negan’s POV

This series just contains Negan language and is a bit suggestive. Basically SFW


Tiny Surprise




The Bet




Understood (second part to Misunderstood)

You and Me


Misc. Negan fics

Negan’s Five Senses - Negan’s love of women enjoyed with all five senses. A stand alone fic. (nsfw. My first fic! I’m kind of proud of it!)

Broken Angel ~ (fluff, angst, possible triggers. Just sad)

Little Lost Soul Series

Negan comes upon a new Sanctuary residence and needs to know more about her. Negan x Reader. Reader is selectively mute. Will eventually be NSFW

Little Lost Soul - Negan meets Y/N.

A Sign of Thanks - Negan tries to get to know Y/N.

Birds of a Feather - Negan finds Y/N’s hiding place

Bees Sting Series

Negan’s newest wife is not what he’s used to. Negan x Y/N (is reader insert but has nickname of Bee) Y/N has mental health illness.

Bees Sting - Negan comforts his wife Bee.

Let it Bee - Negan confronts his wives and returns something special to Bee

Honey Bee - Negan & Bee enjoy some time together

Negan Smut Week fics

These are all NSFW

Birthday SurpriseNegan x reader (Number 6)- Number 6 has a surprise for Negan’s birthday

Birthday De-light - Negan x reader (Number 6) - Celebrating Negan’s birthday, Negan’s way

One of a KindNegan x reader (NOT Number 6) - Going on a run turns out to be not such a bad thing

Little Bird - Negan x reader (Number 6) - Number 6 has a bad day and Negan helps her forget

Tattoo -  Negan x reader (AU) Reader applies at Negan’s tattoo shop and gets a bit more than she planned. Part of a new AU series (Keep Calm and Love)

For @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash 2k Negan Writing Challenge!

Lemonade - Making lemonade with Negan (Number 6) -NSFW

For @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash  Round 3 Negan Challenge.

Time Changes Everything ~ Long ago, Negan lost something very important. Will he get it back?

Savior Needed ~ Negan’s top Savior disappears


Letters from Negan

personalized letters from Negan ~ Some are NSFW

Negan Requests


For laymetorest77 - Negan x reader

For Michele - Negan x Michele

For Michele part 2 - Negan x Michele

For Michele part 3 - Negan x Michele

For Maggie ~  Negan x Maggie

For Tig ~ Negan x Tig

For Kira ~ Negan x Kira

John Winchester fics

Clueless ~ John x Alicja - NSFW

Can’t Lose You ~ John x Reader - NSFW

John’s Equal -  John x Reader - SFW

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Hahahha can you imagine. She transforms next to Minako for the first time (after Minako has loosened up to be Minako more than Venus). Rei’s just doing her thing, transforming, welcoming the fire as she always does. Singing her little transformation tune to herself as she always does. Rei write it herself, of course, and it’s huge and booming and impressive in her head, even if all she can ever hum is the main melody with a couple of little drumbeats inbetween sometimes.

Then she hears it.

The low moaning.

She sings to herself more quietly. She’s still singing though, of course, the crescendo is coming and by god that’s always Rei’s favourite part, she gets shivers every time, right through her whole body, right to– Is the moaning getting louder?

The moaning is DEFINITELY getting louder.

Rei makes a twirl in her henshin and tries to look around. Minako’s head is thrown back, and Rei barely has time to register why when Minako’s eyes snap open and lock on. The fire is mounting and the moment is approaching and Rei wants to look away, look anywhere else, but she’s been snared in Minako’s chain. The flames will consume them both, and the hungry glint in Minako’s eye says she would gasp her thanks.

An explosion of energy, and they’ve been reborn as Senshi. Mars is furious (Mars is always furious), and the words – an accusation, a condemnation, a plea, she doesn’t even know – boils within her. Her lips part in a snarl, but before the words can come, Venus has already answered them all.

“Oh yes.”

A wink, then, and Venus leaps into the night, to win her next battle.

Mars watches after her for a moment. This is far from settled, she knows that much.

Rei follows.

@pouncequick said:
Slight modification to the fic prompt I sent last night (now that I have the post-it I wrote it on): “Michiru smoothly retracted her foot from the top of Rei’s head.”

A kind of crappy thing I wrote in tiny little hundred word chunks from a THE GIFTENING prompt. The origin of the phrase comes from this brilliant submission from @verbforverb, which never fails to delight me. I’m not sure this is what anyone wanted or expected from it, but there we are. Blame @docholligay for insisting it being foisted upon you.


Michiru smoothly retracted her foot from the top of Rei’s head. “Oh, Rei, my apologies. I wasn’t aware you’d relocated.”

It was possible – on some alternate or parallel plane of existence perhaps, or at the heart of an alien culture blinking into consciousness galaxies away, where words and actions had implications beyond those of mere humans – that Michiru’s apology might have come across as less genuine than it was in this moment.

It was possible. But Rei wouldn’t have bet on it.

There were several options open to her. She could stay where she was, foster the idea that face down on the floor was no less than the successful and entirely competent execution of Rei’s plan. That this made no sense whatsoever was a detail that never crossed her mind.

“You know, if you wanted a face full of carpet, there were less humiliating ways.”

Minako missed a truly magnificent glare as her feet shuffled past Rei’s nose. The tortured metal groan as she threw herself into Haruka’s favourite recliner was met with similar consideration. Minako kicked up the footrest and balanced a heaping plate on her chest. Nachos were Minako’s only concern now.

It was official: Rei hated everybody.

A cool hand slipped under Rei’s elbow, not flinching away despite the burn Rei could feel roiling just under her skin. When the hand tugged, Rei allowed herself to be drawn upward with it.

“Rei-chan.” Usagi had her lecture voice firmly in place as she hauled her friend to her feet, “Maybe just let Haruka have this one.”

It would have been impossible for Rei’s face to register more betrayal if she has taken it to the Betrayal Registry Office, waited in a series of excruciating lines, filled out several forms, paid the requisite fees, and shown Usagi her Betrayal License.

Rei’s hand actually fluttered to her throat. The onrush of words bunched together in her mouth, each fighting to be the first out the door and so clogging passage for all. The best she could manage was a tight strangled noise.

In her long career, there were few battles Usagi had ever ceded. Sometimes she had to reconsider, sometimes she had to adjust, but by and large, her track record was as impressive for its victory column as it was her surprising resolve in the face of opposition.

Still, she knew a complete loss when saw it. With a loving smile (and only the slightest roll of her eyes), Usagi squeezed Rei’s arm, patted it exactly twice, and turned away to battles more easily won. Like nachos! Minako, mind ever alert for dangers, curled protectively around her plate and hissed.

Concession equaled brilliant victory in Rei’s mind, and she spun, her hair slicing through the space where Usagi had stood moments before. Their exchange was already forgotten. There were critical matters to attend, stauncher foes to vanquish, honour to reclaim.

Haruka was stretching, curling her long arm across her body in a manner that seemed so casual that a wave of hot, pulsing insult coursed through Rei. She ordered her face to remain neutral. Her jaw insisted that “neutral” meant “clamp down and grind as viciously as possible”.

Had it occurred to Rei that all parts of her were equally stubborn, she might have realized how grievously she was failing to project the carefully constructed image she demanded. Instead, all of her attention was on how noticeable it was that Haruka didn’t care.

She didn’t make note of Rei’s INTENSELY CALM demeanor. Worse, she didn’t even notice it, instead bending at the waist and bobbing there like a buoy just off shore on a calm summer’s day.

“There’s no shame in defeat, you know,” Haruka said in what she would later claim was a supportive and encouraging tone of voice, completely devoid of an entire month’s supply of condescension.

Minako cackled (years of battlefield training kicked in, and Usagi snatched a loaded tortilla chip and shoved it in her mouth before her crime could be discovered). “Yeah okay buddy, remember that next time we play Mario Kart.”

Haruka shot Minako a glare that bounced harmlessly off her impenetrable blonde hide. It was a skill Haruka had never quite learned, instead somehow seeming to deliberately throw herself in the way of glares and scorn that might not even be meant for her, process them like a Glare Factory at the height of the Industrial Revolution, and choke the atmosphere on her Hate Emissions.

Which rather made it a miracle that she was missing every single poison-tipped dagger Rei was violently flinging at her. A more studied person may have said it was something to do with “oh, that’s just how Rei-chan always looks!” Usagi had certainly said it enough that Mako had put it on a t-shirt for her one year (Usagi found it hysterical, Rei perhaps less so). Still, Haruka was a great many things, but “a more studied person” wouldn’t be found anywhere on her resume, so it was safe to assume it was simply the Goddess of Butches granting Haruka’s atrocious people skills a boon for once.

“Don’t dooo iittt,” Usagi sang from her perch on the arm of Haruka’s recliner.

Mouth stuffed full of nachos, Minako nodded with unwavering certainty. “Oh, she’ll do it.”

“Defeat is certainly not a look you wear particularly well, Rei.” The high-backed chair framed Michiru like an empress, eyes twinkling at the prospect of an afternoon’s entertainment of sweat and bloodshed entirely for her amusement.

Rei’s shoulders slung back and her chin thrust out. For a moment, she embodied the mantle of war that, desired or not, was her birthright. She stepped forward, the mat crinkling beneath her feet. Haruka stopped stretching and rose to her full height, towering several inches above Rei and offering no quarter. It was an impressive sight that affected Rei not at all.

Their eyes met, neither looking away. They were, for this moment at the least, equals.

“Again,” was all Rei said.

Minako’s cheer and Usagi’s groan mingled into one, nearly drowning out the whir coming from the thick square cardboard in Michiru’s hand. Never once did Rei and Haruka break eye contact.

Michiru was never one for popcorn, generally speaking, but there were occasions when she could see its appeal. Perhaps, should this continue for as long as she fully intended to goad, she would indulge in some caviar.

Slowly, relishing the tension and teasing it out for a delicious sustained moment, Michiru allowed her gaze to fall upon the card in her hand.

“Right hand … blue,” she purred, and as Haruka’s lean, glistening body stretched before her, Michiru sank back into her chair to enjoy the coming show.

but i can’t stop thinking about a jurassic world/park mash up au

dean winchester as owen grady, having a family of velociraptors, and learning their language and familial habits. being the alpha raptor. 

the novaks being the money behind jurassic park and the dinosaur dna testing etc. naomi novak wanting it for the money and not caring about the dinosaurs. her youngest son, castiel novak, being obsessed with every single dinosaur on the island and wanting them to be safe, happy, and healthy. 

castiel not believing they should ever open to the public because it would be too dangerous

castiel going to vet school and learning as much as he can so he can do his best to treat the dinosaurs when they’re ill or injured 

dean being a recluse and not really wanting to be around people, since people are crazy, and dinosaurs he understands. but dean also falling in love a little with the nerdy castiel, who just wants to study the dinosaurs and learn as much as he can about them. 

sam being dean’s little brother and coming to see him an the dinosaurs which he thinks are the best. sam wanting to be like dean, but dean doesn’t want sam to get hurt, so he never takes sam on the job. 

sam is allowed to go with castiel to see the herbivores up close while he’s tending to a sick brachiosaurus.  sam begging castiel to let him see a t-rex or a raptor. castiel insisting sam stay close, because he’s in charge of him, and it’s taken him a long time to gain dean’s trust and respect. 

sam begrudgingly staying by castiel’s side and learning so much and loving it

when they head back to the main park, castiel finally agrees to let sam see dean work with the raptors, but only if he stays up in the watch tower, so he can’t get hurt. so sam goes, really excited to see his big brother at work. 

castiel goes with him and watches dean, totally crushing on him, even though cas knows that the most important thing in dean’s life, besides sam, are blue, delta, charlie, and echo - his velociraptor children. 

after sam begs castiel to let him go to the ground floor, cas finally lets him, and they go down to watch dean from the ground, standing near the gate. dean is walking the raptors through an exercise where they keep their eyes on him, and cas is smitten with dean and the way he can make predators respect and obey his command. 

when dean is ready to head back inside, he feeds the raptors, and sends them off, stepping back through the gate with sam - he’s upset that sam is so close, but he’s also blushing as castiel beams at him, and compliments him on his intelligence and skills. 

it isn’t until later, when castiel is up on top of the gate, watching dean again as he’s leaving, when he has a slip and falls into the cage with the predators. dean sees cas and doesn’t think twice before rushing back in and putting himself between castiel and the raptors. 

castiel watches as dean saves his life, managing to get the raptors to back off and retreat back into their enclosure. he’s torn between being terrified and aroused. 

castiel and dean going on a date and dean listening to castiel go on and on about scientific names and mating rituals between species. castiel listening to dean talk about his raptor squad like he’s talking about his kids. 

dean and cas being dinosaur nerds in love (▰˘◡˘▰)

Yeah, I’m back. I swear to god I had everything planned to post this during the Clawen week (it actually fits into several days), but I got really sick, my computer broke, yada yada yada… Anyways, this is like, 2000 words, but hopefully you guys will enjoy it. Also, feel free to send me any ideas… My askbox is your askbox ;D

He’s known as the ‘bone collector’ around the archeology department, and she knows that he secretly enjoys it. She’s spoken of as Red, the fiery redhead from the art division, and she settles for the nickname mostly because she likes the way it sounds coming from his mouth.

They’re both different in so many ways, perhaps too different for their own good. But they find it oddly enjoyable to be around each other’s presence, and having one another was enough.

(They were enough.)

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For Sam

John X Sam

@riversong-sam​ ~ as always, not happy with this? Just let me know and I’ll rewrite it!

 I couldn’t believe the luck, we were just coming off an easy salt & burn with no new hunts in sight. And I had a plan. My girl, Sam, loved camping, and while I spend a good part of my life in the outdoors, I thought a few days with her in the woods, alone, sounded pretty damn good. She deserved the break from the shitty hands we had both been dealt.

 Both of us had been thrust into the life, the hunting life. Ghosts, ghouls, werewolves and vampires, just a few of the creatures, monsters, that we took on. I lost my wife, Mary, mother to my two boys, Dean, now 14, and Sammy, 10.

 Sam lost her parents in almost the same way, a fucking demon. She was only 10, but fucking smart. She began studying up on what happened to her parents, trying to go out on hunts, by herself, but always getting caught and dragged into another foster home. Somehow, a fellow hunter named Bobby Singer, caught wind of her, and her hunting escapades, and took her under his wing. And that’s how we met.

 She was 22 when we first were introduced, I was a bit older. Bobby threatened me with rock salt if I laid a hand on her, guess he saw how I looked at her, and her at me. It was nothing new for the old man, but fuck if I didn’t listen. She was everything I wasn’t, optimistic, open-minded, gentle and just fucking beautiful. But we soon shared one thing, a love for Dean and Sam.

 She wasn’t a whole lot older than them, only 12 years older than Dean, but she became a mother to them both. Sam especially. She was always willing to listen, always open to their opinions, never judging. And she always kept me in check.

 “John, they’re kids, don’t make them grow up as fast as I had to.”

 And I listened. While I still believe they need to be aware and will have to learn about this life, and what happened to their mother, I guess it can wait a while longer.

When I told Sam what I had planned for her the first thing out of her mouth was “Are the boys coming?”

 “Darling, it was actually Dean’s idea, he said it was ‘kinda like a Mother’s Day present.’”

 “God, I love that boy, you’ve done good John!”

 “That’s you’re doing sweetheart.”

 So she agreed and we found the perfect place, somewhere off the Pacific Coast Highway. Spending the day on the beach was so relaxing. Not much of a beach person, but with, for, Sam, it was perfect.

 I found some rocks to sit on, watching her wading in the cold surf, crawling around in the rocks looking for shells for the boys, skipping rocks, she looked gorgeous, wearing a sundress instead of the usual hunter’s uniform of jeans and flannel. When she came over to show her found treasures, I swear she was the happiest I had ever seen her, except for the time Dean brought home his report card with all B’s & C’s.

 We spent the night, under the stars, something we’re not new to, but this was different. No need to fall right asleep and get up at the crack of dawn. No need to strategize tomorrow’s hunt. No worries, just holding her in my arms, soft sweet kisses, slow lovemaking.

 I wish I could give her a normal life, one where we don’t live in motels that should be condemned. Where we eat meals on a plate, not out of styrofoam containers. Where she can spend her Saturdays watching the boys play football and Sundays where I make her breakfast in bed. Maybe, maybe someday.

 But for now, we’ll keep at it. Living on the road, killing monsters, saving families. Letting others live that ‘good life’ Because, she’s happy, she’s told me so, and yeah, I believe her. Because I see it in her eyes, when she’s in my arms, in my bed.

  My boys have a mother, and are doing good. And I have my girl. And I love her, more than I can ever show her. She’s my life, my love, my home. And that’s all I need.

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Another to add to the long list of "things that could have been cool had the manga invested any time or energy into them": Usagi wondering if the ginzuishou is really something for healing or if it really does just bring nothing but destruction. I think it's something I could very much see anime!Usagi having to come to terms with. That this item that she uses to heal and fight evil has sometimes been the only reason the evil has come in the first place.

Yeah, I’d really like to see Usagi wrestle with the idea that if the ginzuishou just weren’t around, wouldn’t Evil Coming maybe be a problem that would take care of itself. It could make such an interesting depression metaphor, since Usagi IS the ginzuishou for all intents and purposes. I’d love to see that interwoven with the more literal consequences of how the people she loves most are constantly in danger for her. There could be a very real element of “wouldn’t they be better of without me?” which, combined with Usagi actually dealing with the long-term consequences of her trauma, I think would be just so fascinating.


Wildest Dreams - Owen Grady x Reader

You came to the island for the dinosaurs, but stayed for the sunsets–probably one of the only natural things left on Isla Nebula. Everything else was genetically engineered, or carefully designed theme-park illusions. But the sunsets? They captivated you. Colors you’ve never seen before, melting into the ocean. Like you were living inside a painting. Or another world–a Jurassic World.

With your resume as a structural engineer, it wasn’t too hard to convince Claire Dearing to find you a job on the island. So you stayed. For the sunsets. For the work. For the dinosaurs.  

And for Owen Grady.

He captivated you.

You met on one of your many inspections to the raptor paddock. Owen. Well, he was aggressively concerned with protecting his staff.

“These bars here?” He’d point, “Just. Look at them. I don’t like the way they–“

“Mr. Grady.” You’d sigh, “Everything is up to Jurassic World’s code. You’re making a problem where one doesn’t exist.”

He’d circle you, almost sizing you up. “Lives depend on me here.” His green eyes burned into yours. His stance dared you to challenge him, one hand on his belt, the other holding his training clicker. “My raptors often try to escape. I have to be ahead of them. It’s more than just understanding them, and building a relationship. I literally have to outsmart them. I don’t want any mistakes, Ms. (y/n).”

“You are the alpha of your raptors, Mr. Grady. Not of me.” You stepped closer to him, tilting your head to the side. “Let’s remember that here.”

That night, he crawled under your skin the same way he crawled under your sheets. Frantically. Desperately. Effortlessly. Your hands in his hair. His clothes in your room. A hand digging into your hip. Fingers interlaced. Bodies pressed together. Sweat dripping.

And it went like that, over and over. Owen Grady had nestled up, inside your chest, in the place that sits besides your beating heart. And he had no intent on leaving. You didn’t notice what he had done until it was too late.

He had made you love him.


You watched intently as Owen collected his clothes from your floor. One article of clothing at a time. Eyes locked with you the entire time. He’s so tall, you thought to yourself, and handsome as hell. So bad, and he does it so well.

And he knew you were watching–that your eyes were desperately trying to drink up ever angle, and muscle definition of his body before he clothed again. The sight of his smirk alone made you want to go again.

Yet, nothing lasts forever. You knew that. But this. Him. This was going to take you down. Heaven couldn’t help you now. You were lost in every aspect of him. It was hell. And hell was just as hot as you had imagined.  

Though tonight was a bit different. Owen tossed his shirt aside for the second time that evening, and suddenly dived back into the bed with you. His arms quickly found their way around your waist.

“Let’s get out of this town.” He said quickly, placing gentle kisses down your shoulder while he spoke. “Let’s get off the island. Just drive, right onto the next boat off this place and never look back. Out of the park, away from the crowds.”

You laughed, but Owen’s pursed lips and worried eyes made you stop. It wasn’t like Owen to ever express or acknowledge anything that ever had to do with the future. Especially when it came to a future that involved you and him.

“What about work, and your research–“

“Let’s be done. I’m serious, (y/n), let’s just go.”

“Yeah, I can see that.” You couldn’t help but snap a little. “What about the raptors? You can’t just leave them. With you gone, Hoskins will have them parading around this island in no time. He’ll probably try and put them in the petting zoo.”

Owen groaned loudly, dropping his forehead onto your chest in defeat. “Why do you always have to be right? And so practical.”

“One of us has to be, Owen. Besides-“ You felt the regret coming out of your mouth before you could even form the words. “Nothing lasts forever.”

“What do you mean.” He rolled over on top of you, kissing circles on your stomach.

“Come on, Owen. We both know-”

“Know what, (y/n)? What are you saying.” He was kissing you again. His hands grabbed tightly against your sides. “You think I’m not in this? You think I’m not in this with everything I’ve got?”

“All I’m saying, Owen, is some day, I just want you to remember me. Standing in a nice dress. Red lips, rosy cheeks. Staring at the sunset. That’s the image of me I want you to have after this is over. Okay? Even if it’s just pretend. Say you’ll see me again. Just like that”

You felt foolish. Juvenile. But you couldn’t help it. He made you feel wild.

“Why are you talking like this? Come on, (y/n). You know I love you. I’m not going anywhere. Not in your wildest dreams.”

He said it. So nonchalantly. Like it wasn’t the very three words  you never thought you’d hear coming out of his mouth.

“The hell did you just say to me?” You almost screamed.

“I said I love you.” Owen cupped your face in his rough hands. You sighed. Content and comfort washed over you in waves. “Maybe not as much as the raptors but we’ll get there.”

“Owen Grady!” You snatched the pillow from the other side of the bed and playfully wacked him with it. “How could you ruin this moment!”

“Nothing lasts forever, remember?”

Yup. This was going to take you down.

The best thing about Jurassic World is that it literally spends its first act sniping down reasons you might have to not enjoy the movie.

  • “lol they would never build this park in real life after what happened in the first movie!”
    • *discussion about the tragedy of the first movie and the current employees’ attitudes towards it*
  • “Ugh so much product placement! This movie sold out!”
    • *line that epically lampshades product placement and lampoons the notion of corporate sponsorship*
  • “Chris Pratt controls the raptors? That would never work!”
    • *spends time establishing it in a plausible way. Doesn’t take it too far*
  • “weaponizing the raptors? That’s just a stupid idea!”
    • *Chris Pratt literally says this*
  • “Why do they need a hybrid dinosaur? Dinosaurs are cool enough on their own!”
    • *Chris Pratt literally says this too*
  • “She’ll never make it through the jungle in those heels!”
    • *and this*
  • “You’d think a park like this would be able to handle a breakout”
    • *Masrani literally says this*
  • “Are those gyrospheres really safe?”
    • *Jimmy Fallon seems to think so*
  • “But dinosaurs had feathers!”
    • *explained*

Hello again. Have you taken the time to imagine what a wonderful lover John Watson would be? (◕‿◕✿)

Because he’d follow Sherlock anywhere. He’d do anything; try everything with him and he’d love every minute of it. He’d want to make Sherlock feel so adored and special and brilliant.

He’d give Sherlock the kind of love and attention that John knows he deserves. He’d dedicate himself- his life- to Sherlock, and he wouldn’t think twice about it. He’d praise him and admire him, but he’d also be his rock. He’d drown out every “freak” uttered by those who don’t understand. He’d settle Sherlock’s mind and put his heart at ease.  

John would be giving. He’d offer all of himself- mind, body and soul- trusting that, without a doubt, Sherlock will always manage to make things right. He’d happily accept Sherlock in all the same ways, greedy and eager to show the depths of his affection and adoration. He’d take Sherlock apart lovingly, painstakingly, using every bit of knowledge he possesses to make him delirious with pleasure. He wouldn’t rest until Sherlock was shouting his name, flushed and pliant from the thrill of John’s lavish attentions.

John would be bursting with his love for Sherlock Holmes, and he’d show it in all the ways he knows how- teaching Sherlock a little along the way. 

Please consider that. (◡‿◡✿) Sherlock version

docholligay  asked:

Write or tell me something that will make me happy

The most difficult part of being sneaky, in Tracer’s experience, was the part where she had to sneak. It wasn’t really in her skill set, if she were being honest, and she did generally try to be, despite Pharah’s unreasonable reaction to a harmless prank now and then, which wasn’t even in the same category as a lie because it was just a harmless bit of fun, wasn’t it? And anyway, it wasn’t even Pharah’s favourite shirt, so really, what difference did a little–

Sneaking. Right. It meant stillness and quiet, and these were antithetical to a lively soul such as Tracer, in her humble opinion.

“‘ardly the most suffering I done for Queen and country, is it?” she said with a chuckle to no one, completely ignoring yet again what “stealth” meant. Luckily the seemingly endless roar of gunfire was so close now, it hardly mattered. Taking a deep breath, Tracer held it for one count, two, three, then–

“Surprise, love!”

Winston had told her time and again that her ability to blink into existence for a sneak attack was hampered by her incessant need to announce herself right after she did it. And in fairness, he had a point, but it was much like asking her to stop cheering for the Hammers. There was only so much to expect from one tiny lesbian.

And anyway she’d unloaded her clips into that Bastion unit quickly enough, hadn’t she? With a faintly sad note of surprise, it collapsed in on itself, little more than a pile of screws and ammunition. So much ammunition, god.

Tracer nudged the pile with her foot and shuddered. “Brr! S'like me electric kettle sprang to life and wanted revenge for that time I tried to cook porridge in it.”

A familiar, sharp voice crackled in her ear. “Tracer! Status.”

“Stealthing, aren’t I? Got a lot to learn about the finer combative arts, Pharah.” Paying no heed to Pharah’s chastising, she added, “That shirt wasn’t even that flattering. Did you a favour, I did.”

shavedjudomonkey said:
Overwatch prompt: “Remember the good ol’ days?”

“REMEMBER THE GOOD OLD DAYS?!” The boom of Reinhardt’s voice was tempered only by his raucous laugh and the slam of his fist on the table. The good old days, it seemed, were not only to be remembered, but to be shouted at and pummeled into submission.

Not a sentiment with which Pharah felt particularly inclined to disagree.

From the corner, she watched as a beefy hand clasped down on her mother’s shoulder. How did it feel? Frail and taut, the muscle withered under the years of isolation? Perhaps solid and unyielding as the stone she always suspected was the core of the woman.

When Fareeha asked herself how her mother’s body felt before her murder, she could not answer. It did not surprise her.

Ana gave some reply to Reinhardt, a sly piercing thing like needle slipping beneath the skin, and he bellowed his appreciation. Pharah’s eyes never left Ana’s face, and just as notably, Ana never spared her daughter a glance.

Precisely, she wondered, which good old days was she supposed to remember?

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