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What do Claire and Owen usually talk about? :)

Everything, and that’s the beauty of it!

Claire would lie if she didn’t admit at least to herself that she had certain doubts and concerns about their relationship at first. As good as Owen was in bed, she’d always wanted it to be about more than just mindless sex (even though it came in handy more times than she could count when they both really needed to unwind). Still, she wanted a partner, someone she could rely on and someone who could rely on her – the whole package, if you please. And she did judge him by the first impression – she wasn’t proud of it later on, but that was the truth.

Owen surprised her through and through, though. After their date, she half-expected him to be obsessed with football and beer, and unable to talk about anything but trash TV. Instead, he turned out being very deep actually, with elaborate options on anything and everything. Sure, they argued a lot, their points of view clashing all the time, but they had never dismissed or disrespected each other’s opinions or made one another feel inadequate because of what they stood for.

After the incident, the majority of their conversations were, of course, about the park and everything that had happened and everything that was happening afterward. Claire’s need for understanding the reasons and mistakes behind the massacre that turned their lives upside down pushed her to analyze every step she took and every move she made on that fateful day, and there was no one in the world who could understand her better than Owen. He might not have seen that day through her eyes, and he certainly experienced it differently, but he was more than willing to listen and pull her out of the void of guilt and self-loathing, offering thoughts on what she might not have noticed.

Truth be told, he was also more than a little worried that she’d get bored with him, that they’d run out of topics to discuss and end up being one of those couples whose daily conversations didn’t exceed brief exchanges like ‘take out the garbage’ and ‘pass the butter’. However, they both soon figured out that – well, aside from sex – they loved nothing more than just lay in bed for hours and talk about nothing in particular. From global warming to Game Of Thrones to the merits of PB&J versus PB&Nutella sandwiches (and come on, PB&Nutella always win!) Granted, Claire would mostly stare at him whenever he’d launch into a sports rant, his speech peppered with ‘passes’, ‘innings’, and ‘runs’, and his proficiency in legalese was basic at best, but at the end of the day, it didn’t really matter.

Owen came back home one day and found her crying – she was tired, her work overwhelming and demanding, and some minor thing made her snap. There wasn’t much he could do to fix it for her, but he could hold her, and listen to her, his hand running over her hair, and help her see the rational side of the situation when Claire was running on weariness and emotions. And in that moment, he meant the whole world to her, his ability to simply let her talk and be there for her even though he couldn’t help or contribute felt like a lifesaver.

Claire adores the sound his voice – they could be discussing a grocery list or a movie they saw, or they could even be arguing about something totally ridiculous, but hearing the sound of her name on his lips would still hit all the right strings. They teased each other mercilessly, they’re always unapologetically honest with each other, and it may not always be smooth, but it sure it never boring. 

so guys my mom is a doctor and while we were watching the episode she said “johns a pretty bad doctor, he should have laid mary down and put her feet up so she wouldn’t bleed out”

it made me think that possibly mary’s death is part of sherlock’s recurring dream and that’s why it’s inaccurate

we know john’s a good doctor; sarah tells him he’s over-qualified for that office and he demonstrates his knowledge throughout the show. would he really forget this significant method of keeping someone alive when they’re bleeding out? especially with his own wife?


                                                 Since when do you call me John?
                                                           You’d be surprised.
                                                                 No, I wouldn’t.

John Didn’t Go Into Action

So what really struck me odd is that while “Mary” was dying, John quickly rushed to her side and gave pressure on the wound, but mostly he did this:

He just talked. As an experienced Army doctor all he did was talk to his dying wife. Now, obviously when thrown in such a horrible scenario for someone you care for, it’s a bit hard to think straight. But not only is John a bloody doctor, but he’s been in these situations before.

Such as this:

And what did he immediately do?

“My God… Who shot him?!”

Same here, when realizing that the soldier were still breathing:

“Give me your scarf- quickly, now! Call an ambulance, now! DO IT!” 

So why on Earth would he just sit there, not demand things or answers in a frenzy, and let his wife of all people die without a fighting chance? It just doesn’t add up. 

As “Mary” says herself:

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