This chic.

This chic made.

This chic made it!

Congratulations Julz! Way to go! It’s a mile stone with so much pride.

See, your mum spread the news like fire the moment she knew that you passed the exam. She was so proud - in a good way! And I too - big time!

The Lord has blessed you with so much and this is one of them.

I won’t miss your butt yet cause i will still be seeing you but there will come a time that i won’t. And that’s sad. Well, that’ll be exciting for you cause you're gonna leave and be whoever you wanna be!

You will forever be my best friend even it’s so lame that you are my cousin. HAHA! I hope you won’t lose the child in you and the laughter and the noise, sometimes the annoying chatter. Well, i just love that in you. 

Sorry for being a chronic forgetful person and a chronic uncommitted one. If you know what i mean! I hope to be the first one to hear about your first kiss even though i did not tell you mine. I hope that you will tell me the juiciest thing you know even we’ll be quite separated. HAHA. Senti much?

My prayers go with you wherever you will be. And Jesus too. Keep Him in your heart always. 

I’m like at loss for words but i hope i said what i wanna say. All the best in your board exam. Claim the victory :)

I love you. kid! Forever. :)

P.S. I won’t send my unsent letters yet. That’s why technically it’s UNSENT :DDD

-janne A

She made it, HE helped!

I remembered that Sunday with Julz and the message from Pastor Jan.


The message was so relevant that time because Julz and I were both struggling on our own courses. She, her preboard. Mine, my qualifying exam.

Last week i received a late night message saying:

‘Jervs, magraduate ako! Thank you Lord. I’m so happy gid ya.’ - JULZ

Julz’s preboard was her ticket to graduate in BS Pharmacy. That night, i felt so happy for her even i wasn’t so sober. Deep in me was something very happy and because of alcohol, i forgot that i was unli. I only congratulated her in my mind. Sleeping happy because of her good news.

I was not exactly happy that week because i keep hearing words like, 'yes, ma-4th year na'ko’. I was happy for them but i wasn’t exactly happy that i can not celebrate with them. 

However, Julz’s message really cheered me up. Making me smile genuinely!

Her mom was so proud all because Julz conquered her Jericho walls through GOD’s HELP! And from the start, HE was there!

Praise Him!