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My questions:

1. What were you doing at 3:00pm yesterday? i believe i was getting tims with my mom #justcanadianthings

2. Who is your best/closest friend on Tumblr? i hate these types of questions but its cali aka tumblr user brandoncrust ily girl

3. What’s something many people don’t know about you? im going through laser hair removal so all my hair is slowly falling off of my body (except my head)(that would be tragic)

4. If you could choose the goal song for your favourite NHL team, what song would you choose? i wanna say something drake bc then we’d totally be reppin the 416, so lets go with Nazem’s personal goal song, ‘All Me’

5. Sky dive, bungee jump, or go scubadiving? scubadiving omg

6. Have you ever been in a fist fight? if we’re talking on ice, then yes. but in regular life, absolutely nottttt 

7. What team’s logo do you think is the best, and the worst? Best: my Leafs Worst: Flames oi

8. Who do you think is a very underrated player? Troy Bodie. the man plays with his heart every game and gives it 100% on ice, EVERy shift, id say if he keeps it up next season, make him an alternate captain

9. If you could buy any jersey, who’s would you buy? Phil fucking Kessel’s that’s who

10. Which NHL arena do you want to visit the most? THE MADHOUSE ON MADISON BABY i’m in love with the United Center

Your questions:

1. Favourite/least favourite NHL team?

2. Future career?

3. Favourite genre of music?

4. Player with the best flow?

5. Player with the best playoff beard?

6. Day or night?

7. Have you ever tried sushi? (And did you like it?)

8. Favourite/least favourite player?

9. Lucky number?

10. Best Halloween costume?

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