Had a 3-hour chat with Kulay on new year’s day. He’s so smart and malambing!

That puppet he’s holding is from me and Pam. It’s one of his fave he said. We gave it to him when he was 2 years old. I miss this little mutt. :(

I hope to see you this year Kulay!

Here’s another track from my upcoming tape titled Listen Up: Year 2. I leased this beat from KenKen and collaborated with an awesome artist named Nostic on it. So enjoy!
Mixed by NosticThePoet
Cover Created by NosticThePoet

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Jvan (1st Verse): Never let go of the soul of hip hop.
Aesop, Nas, Tupac, See what they brought?
Givin’ you the blue print like Jay dropped.
People only heard name drops like they ain’t hot.
Are you Bobby Shmurda? Of course not.
Top notch meets Top notch in this game of hop scotch.
Either you’re boiling like crock pots or a underdog that wants to get top spot.
The fake get knocked off like knock offs.
You better come real or get dropped off like drop tops.
Label Cock block, I rather be indie but I’ll join for success as long as they don’t end me.
Above many but lower than the rest, I guess I’m semi but I feel blessed to move forward like I’m sending.
Never let go like I’m mini, put my faith to the test with wishes like I’m timmy.

NosticThePoet (2nd Verse):
It’s nosticthepoet, dawg
Praise God when I knock and He open doors
Wishin every single crooked cop had a broken jaw
Pen and a pad - like picasso is going off
When I’m pennin my penance, you know that I’m showin off
Like I sentence a sentence to life w no parole at all
Rippin through the track, and I’m spittin off my head
like stevie wonder dreads: I’m steady holding on
I love hip-hop - you ain’t keepin me from rap
I love Jesus - you ain’t keepin me from that
Won’t switch up my style
I figured it out
I’m iller than thou
Gettin rid of my doubts
By spittin em out
Unashamed of the “God in me”
If I want to change the world then it starts with me
(and I do)
Get ready for the bars, MC
All along I’ll be holding on
I’ll keep holding on