So yeah, I read Bend Around The Wind and I love it so much, I feel the urge to draw things about it even if I’m slow as fuck and I often end up only sketching around without completing the drawings.

Anyway I wanted to try drawing Juyu and Bee!! This pair of Skrull sister is the cutest, I like them a lot<3 And this is more or less the way I imagined them… though I think I’ll have to work on something different for Juyu’s hair, I’m not really satisfied about it.

I plan to try drawing all the characters little by little, and then make some group drawings with all them together. I want to hug them all so much!

¡Concurzo milenario!

Como se aproxima el momento en el que llegaré a los esperados 1.000 Followers

(juyuuuu!! no me lo creo todavía xD), quiero preparar algo y pese a tener una idea de lo que será (concurso con premio para el/la vencedor/a) quiero pediros vuestra ayuda en forma de ideas (si queréis y os aburrís, por supuesto, requisitos imprescindibles).

Así que mi ask está abierto para vosotros/as :D :D :D :D :D :D


I realized that when I draw faces, it’s always at an angle, never front view. So I did a little practice, for Éva’s fic. [link] Batw made me remember how much I like drawing and I’m really thankful for that. I hope you like my take on the Skrull sisters, hun. *3*

It’s still WIP. My coloring and shading is usually really half-assed and I want to do this properly. There will be four pictures total; mama Tony, papa Loki and the problematic daughters Bee and Juyu the early IronMage crew.

Bend Around the Wind fic by Scyllaya.

I just finished Bend Around the Wind by @scyllaya today and DAMN! 

It is one of the most complex and well written stories I have read so far in my life. The way they handle the characters of Loki and Stark, how they become friends to lovers is amazing. 

I really, really loved the relationship evolving between Loki and Thor ( that scene were Thor finds Loki in his Jotun form and is able to calm him down! Brilliant stuff!) 

I also love the way Loki and Bruce got along. I just really loved Bruce’s vibe in this. ( And I wouldn’t mind more stories about him and Drongo too)

AND THEN THEIR IS DRONGO, BEE AND JUYU!! I just adore these characters and I love how they all became a family over the course of the story and the way Drongo and Bee connected instantly! Drongo is such an amazing guy and I have a crush on him I swear! 

Hatchett was wonderful, I love his sass and his humor and his total devotion to Loki and how that strenghend his bond with Stark and even Thor. ( The bits with Hatchett and Thor together was awesome!)

And I have to mention J.A.R.V.I.S.cause he is hilarious! He was so smarthly written and all the sass! Seriously! 

I wish I was better at this, like your masterpiece deserves an in detail, in dept review but I don’t have the skill or the word knowlegde so I’ll just say


Thank you so much @scyllaya for writting this brilliant story and sharing it with us! 

@niakantorka I will never doubt your fabulous taste in fanfics ever again!