Found this really unique fashion illustrator today! Really love the illustration style and the juxtaposition of the illustration with the fashion flats!

Andrew Voss



Keep It Simple  by Benedetto Demaio

Artist Benedetto Demaio likes to keep it simple in this series where simple juxtapositions and color arrangement rule the day. He states: “Whenever I find shelter in the colors I feel protected. I feel safe inside colors. Colors are my protection against everything bad. Let the colors live together, be quiet and listen to their voices… It’s a simple and wonderful choir. This is the music I love!” You can see much more of his works over here.


Streams by Jonathan Smith 

Brooklyn-based photographer Jonathan Smith has abstractly captured Iceland’s northernmost region of streams in the remote fishing town Siglufjörður. The images in Streams artistically depict a desolate frozen land with deep blue water streams in alternate perspectives. Its juxtaposition between up-close and distant shots create an aura of mystery, making it difficult for the viewer to decipher the photographs in front of them. The minimalist approach reveals a silent yet powerful beauty. 


Intriguing Conceptual Sculptures by Daniel Arsham

New York based sculptor Daniel Arsham’s creates minimalist sculptures, which combine the concepts of art, architecture and performance. Arsham’s inclusion of architecture in his work is unconventional, it is use for the purpose of juxtaposition, instead of function, which makes his work highly intriguing. To create contrast, the artist introduces ordinary or sterile environments, such as a white wall, and gives it another dimension with the insertion of playful objects such as a chair or mysterious figures. Overall Arkham’s contemporary stance is conceptual and serves its purpose as a trompe l’oeil.