one of my favorite things about BNHA is how everyone gets developed

with these most recent chapters, we get to see how everyone from 1A has grown so much, both in their individual strengths and in their ability to coordinate and work together. They’re all learning why they want to be a hero and what being a hero means to them.

and I really love the juxtaposition between Izuku and Katsuki.  Like, they had the same role model, even the same social background, growing up.  The main difference between them is their quirks and what that meant for their social reception and self-esteem.

they’re night and day, but still interconnected.  Their main similarity is their gusto for heroism, their desire to win and keep getting stronger.

And I love that the whole class looks toward both of them.  They don’t really reward Katsuki’s extremeness, but they still recognize him as one of the strongest among them.  And even before Izuku had enough control over his quirk to be one of the strongest, they looked to him because of his strategy and focus.

I love it.

But its not just those two either.  The whole class looks to each other, they support each other, and it just is so heartwarming.

by juxtaposition

It had been a hasty kind of morning. Grantaire had slept through the night for the first time since the hospital, but it had made him an hour late and there was a train to catch with Abigail, who spent weekends at home. She had been standing in the doorway of his bedroom with her jackets and shoes already on, tapping her foot and huffing, since he’d started frantically flinging the last of his belongings into what seemed like too many bags. He wasn’t quite sure how he’d managed to accumulate so much of his stuff here in just a few months.

But the morning outside was heavenly, even if his hair was a mess and his clothes the first crumpled up t-shirt and jeans he’d got his hands on. It was early spring and the trees lining the pavement on the walk to the station were starting to blossom. The air was fresh, the sun promising to be warm. His parents seemed less worried to be saying goodbye to him than he’d worried they might be; he’d be seeing them again soon and had promised to call regularly.

And then before he knew it, he was back with Enjolras, waving goodbye to Abigail and heading back into the heart of the city again. He wanted to hold his hand but hesitated to reach for it. There were so many people around and the sudden noise was slightly disorientating after the relative peace of his parents’ house.

“I’m going to have to get used to sleeping to the sound of traffic again,” he said happily. His feet knew the way back home.