juxtaposed with u


Super Furry Animals - “Juxtaposed With U”

It’s kind of hard to put into words; lately I’ve just been really digging the surreal ambiance this song gives off. A bubbly pop ballad on the surface, except there are multiple things that sound and feel subtly “off”…some Kuma Uta or Tomodachi Life vocoder/autotune voices here, some comically artificial drum machine touches elsewhere, and somehow “tolerate” is part of an insanely earworm-y chorus.



Super Furry Animals- Juxtaposed With U

Odd, summery and sentimental. This is one great summer love-song-single, even though it isn’t really a love song, although it sure does sound like one. It uses the word “love” in the chorus!

The tone in it is very warm and hazy, giving you a very warm and hazy feeling! There are also many strange parts in the song, giving it that “SFA” trademark, for example what is with the vocoder in the verses? And with the unpredictable lyrics in the chorus, “I’m not in love with you, but I won’t hold that against you”. It makes you wonder where he is coming from with those lyrics! This is probably a classic Super Furry Animals song, it was the first I heard by them anyway. The great lyrics, the psychadelic swirly feel. The vocoder, it’s all so strange, yet so great. Shame it didn’t really commercially become popular… along with most of the “Super Furry Animals” songs.

It doesn’t sound too original, I’m sure I’ve heard it before, which isn’t what is very good about the song. It’s probably been done before many times. Yeah it sounds original, but in a way it’s just bringing back songs from the past that were meant to be original also. In this it sounds a lot like they’ve taken a lot of ideas from older 60’s psychadelic groups. Also the fact that the lyrics are just so strange means that it’s pretty hard to feel any emotion towards them because you’re too shocked about what he might even be talking about. Yeah it isn’t really emotional at all, it just sounds cool.

Album: Rings Around The World

Genre: Indie Pop