look how cute is this: a champion crying because he has given his best but failed a penalty kick, being comforted by a whole team. you know, he is one of the best forwards in europe but just can’t handle the fact that he can still do something bad to a team that truly loves him. i love this because i love that a young, strong & talented kid is bounded to a shirt this much, that he just can’t hide the pain he feels in a loss like this one against milan tonight. i’m so glad dybala is a part of a team i love with my whole heart. hope he’ll stay forever.

When I was at Stuttgart, I was told than one day I’ll have a beautiful love story with a club. When I signed for Real Madrid, I thought I reached the top of the world. Then, all of a sudden, something went wrong. The Madrid fan whistled me even when I played well, they didn’t respect the work I did. I played well, seriously, but someone higher up wanted me gone. When Juve contacted me I accepted immediately even though there were other clubs interested in me according to my agent. Juve showed me what it’s like to be a footballer. Thanks to Allegri I returned to my levels in many simple ways, and the public, unlike those in Madrid, are educated and I appreciate this. Today, when I speak with my German friends and they ask me about the peak of my career, I show them the Juve shirt. This is the team I chose as my love story, the best team I know, the team that wins with class… That is Juventus.
—  Sami Khedira