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HI hi! You can call me Tex and this here is a blog for a Juvia Lockser side blog that I would love to plot with everyone with. Nothing stands in the way of this Rain woman, well except Gray-sama of course!  With the love of her friends and guild mates, Juvia is ready for just about anything. 

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I’ve decided to do a brief series of character analyses that involve my favorites in Fairy Tail. This will include first impressions and my perception of the character’s development, and of course, the reasons that he or she is one of my favorites in the series.

If there are negative views about the character, I will probably give my reasons for negating them. These posts will be long.


Anyway, please enjoy!

Juvia | Gray |

Part 1/?: Juvia Lockser

As my favorite character overall, it is Juvia’s rightful place to be number one on this list. So firstly, let’s do the character analysis!

First Impressions:

Upon first meeting her, the impression is definitely not favorable. She was kidnapping Lucy, for Mavis’s sake, how was I supposed to like her? But even as a bad guy, she was one of my favorite enemies of that arc. I can’t say I had the same seething hatred for her as I had for Gajeel, that’s for sure. In fact, I rather enjoyed both Juvia and Totomaru of the Element Four. They were enemies, but somehow I just couldn’t not like them, at least in a villain capacity.

And then we get to Juvia’s fight with Gray, and we see so many facets of her character open up.

The first shot of her in their fight shows this:

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I know I still have like 4 days till the Love Love Fest starts, but I never get much time to draw, so I’ve uploaded it earlier aha! 

This is Day 1: Wet 

I drew Gray, Juvia and my version of their daughter (who I’ve named Yukiko) jumping in puddles on a rainy day (: 

I will eventually colour it in when I get more time, but for now the line art will do!

I hope you guys like it <3

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❅— ❝Why on Earth is it raining…?❝ 

—Lyon had been on this island, known as Galuna, for nearly a year now. It was hot, and humid, certainly difficult to deal with, but since he normally stayed by the frozen encasement of Deliora, it did not bother him. However, the one day he did go outside of the temple, it was raining.

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anonymous asked:

How do you like this mini arc so far? I am dissapointed how Gray and Juvia are handled in this arc so far. And that both of them regressed this much and are almost exactly back to the characters they were in the beginning. Gray is back to his revenge thing and Juvia is a rainwoman again. I expected something different for both of them.

I expected something different for them, too, anon. I wanted Juvia to be so much more involved, and I wanted Gray to not have been corrupted by darkness. So, it looks like (at least thus far) the exact opposite of what I wished for is occurring. So, no, at the moment I’m not that happy with this mini arc. 

Personally, I hoped, that if Gray was truly lost to some extent in darkness, that Juvia would play an active role in getting him back. Especially since Mashima is taking us back to character’s origins. We now have the perfect set up for Juvia to be for Gray, what Gray was for Juvia. Juvia was in a dark place emotionally when she met Gray, shouting about how she didn’t need love. And Gray literally and figuratively showed her the light, while claiming he wouldn’t lose to someone like Phantom (because he was a FT mage). 

Juvia is once again the rain woman, yes. But she hasn’t regressed entirely, because she was someone who was suppressing her emotions at that point when we first met her. While now she clearly still treasures her friends, because it was on Natsu’s words about getting FT back together, that Mashima showed us her crying face. And she certainly still values love. So, she’s not 100% back to how she was. It’s just the rain being brought on by her depression (she is literally sick with worry) because of Gray’s disappearance under very distressing circumstances.

While with Gray, he has actually gone beyond what he was when he ran after Deliora as a child IMO. At least as a child he had yet to learn those lessons Ur, Ultear, Natsu and the rest of his friends have taught him about valuing the people in your life, and living for them. Now he’s boasting about how nothing and no one matters, and he merely exists to defeat END. So, he’s beyond regressed if he’s being sincere with this. 

Now, what I’d LIKE to have happen, if I have to accept that Gray is corrupted at the moment, is for Juvia, who as I said, was lost in the darkness once before herself, could be the one this time to show Gray the light as a FT wizard. And once she brings Gray back to his senses, the rain would disappear as well. So, in a way, she’d be solving her own problem, and his. It just makes sense. But it’s NOT going to happen that way from the looks of things. But that would be ideal for me personally. 

And I don’t even need Juvia and Gray to have a proper fight. i’d love it if Gray was on the defensive if she tried to attack him, because there was that other part of himself that did NOT want to hurt her, and that would be the only reason she would win against him (not because I don’t think she could in a fair fight, it’s just that Gray is being built up to be a match for END, so we can’t have Juvia being able to seriously take him down, you know?). Plus, I think it would be more meaningful if he obviously didn’t want to hurt her, even while being manipulated by the darkness. Again, though, not going to happen. ^^’ 

Instead Natsu is very likely going to be the one to bring Gray back to his senses (whether with a mention of Juvia in the mix, or not) because they need to set up a situation where Gray returns the favor come the time when Natsu loses himself in END, and they have to truly face off. That’s where it seems like things are headed anyway. 

The thing is, I’m sure whatever the conclusion of this story thread will be, is one I’ll be satisfied with (maybe even immensely so), but I’m not always a fan of the road to that conclusion, or I should say, the execution of it.