You forgot to tell me you love me

Summary: I’m a mess inside and you’re the only one that can fix me. [[Gruvia]]

Word count: 7300

Pairings: Gruvia, mentions of Nalu, Gale, JuviaXRufus

Genre: Romance/angst/hurt and comfort

Rating: Mature

A/N: I always wanted to try some angst, maybe I’ll fail with that genre but bleh—You know me, loves Drama and Drama and more drama. This is one of the dumps on my documents.

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Disclaimer: Shhhh, Me don’t own Fairy tail.  credits to the creator of the picture. Edited by me

You forgot to tell me you Love me
So it’s gonna be forever
Or it’s gonna go down in flames


At the young age of 17, Juvia Lockser had known what it felt like to fall in love. She got married at the age of 21, and a year after she and her husband was blessed with a cute baby boy they named Gabriel. She had never been so happy in her life, she thought nothing could ever break them apart.

And just like everything else, nothing was perfect and her fairy tale-like life suddenly got crushed when her husband asked for a divorce.


She watched him go to work with a smile on her face, she watched him smile at her with deceit, and she watched him be unfaithful.

Their life was so perfect. She married her first love and on the first year of their marriage they were blessed with a healthy baby boy, they named Gabriel, their little angel. He was so solicitous, he might not be vocal when it came to his feelings, but he always made her feel it. And she never failed to tell him how much she loved him, so what made him so cold to her?

What made him drift away from her?

What made him wanted to leave her?

“mummy sad?” her two year old baby asked, his big innocent raven-eyes blinked towards her as his chubby little hands held her face in between. Juvia smiled softly, tears still falling from her blue orbs, “N-no” her voice weakly trailing away. “Mummy is just tired.”

“oh. Okay, but no sad mummy.” he shook his head, his curly blue hair bouncing and his cherub face made her somewhat stronger.

“He thought I’m blind, he thought I’m deaf, he thought I’m numb….but I’m not, I’m a wreck inside.” She watched as her baby’s face turned into a questioning gaze and Juvia just hugged him tighter. For Gabriel, she would be strong.


“You should take a rest Juvia, I know you need it.” Lucy advised, as she followed the blunette’s frantic movements. Juvia was currently in a state of panic because she had to pick her son at school and she had to finish loads and loads of paper works.

Juvia turned her head towards the blonde. “Lucy-san, I can’t take a rest right now, Aquarius-san will be furious at me once she found out that I missed something and I have to pick Gab later from school.” Lucy just sighed as the blunette walked around the office arms full of papers.

“Why not ask Gray to pick Gab?” once her words came out, Lucy immediately cringed, because she knew how sensitive Juvia was whenever she heard her ex-husband’s name.

Yes, her ex-husband, that cheating no-good-of-an-excuse-of-a-man Gray Fullbuster. The famous Gray Fullbuster, the owner of the famous Ice Lance Corporation, with his money, even though he and Juvia were divorced, Juvia could still live with luxury and no worries, who would have thought that the beautiful 27 year old woman would be very adamant of not using the money that her ex-husband had been giving to her for sustenance.

Juvia stilled her movements and slowly looked at Lucy. “Juvia—I didn't—”

“No, it’s alright. You’re right.” Lucy’s chocolate brown orbs watched as Juvia’s long wavy hair that fell like springs of curls on her back bounced.

The older woman looked shocked; she could not believe that Juvia was not angry “I’m right?”

“yes. I’ll just call him.”

The blonde could not help but be saddened when she saw how Juvia’s face hurtled in pain. It had been two years since the two had divorced and up until now, Juvia would still cringe at the mention of that guy.

Once she was outside, Juvia heaved a heavy sigh she did not know where she got. Looking down at her phone, she searched for her ex-husband’s name. When it started to ring, she could not help the pain covering her heart, because she knew that she would hear his voice, and out of all the things she had loved about him, she hated all of him.

“Hello” his voice deep and husky, her grip on the phone got tighter, she rarely called him. Even though, they were not together he still gave her his personal phone number and not his business phone number.

“C-Could you pick Gab at school? I will be working over time.”

She waited for his answer, he seemed hesitant, “Juvia?” the way he said her name made her shiver and she hated it, two years, two years had gone past between them, up until now he had an effect on her and she hated it.

“Yes, it’s me.”

From the other line she did not want to believe it but he seemed to be smiling and she did not want to raise her hope up. “Uh…of course, I can pick him up.” There was a long pause between them. Neither of them wanted to speak up, just savoring the silence that had transpired.

“….Is there something else?” he suddenly asked. There was hesitancy in his voice that made her heart beat a tad faster. It felt like he wanted to prolong their conversation.

“..No, that’s all, thanks.”

And she hunged up.

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My Sunshine...

AHHH!! OK so I can’t believe I am actually posting this but it seemed like the right time to post it since it is Angst Week. So here is my very first fanfiction ever for Day 5: gone forever. I wasn’t going to post it because I saw one very similar already earlier in the week but mslead convinced me.  I do not own Fairy Tail.

1,438 words of Gruvia and a side of Gajeel/Juvia brotp

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray. You never know, dear, how much I love you. So please, don’t take my sunshine away.”

This childhood classic brought back many memories to a certain water mage named Juvia Lockser. As a child, she was always cast aside because everywhere she went, the rain followed. At school, she would hear her classmates singing the song about the sun. She always hated the song. She had never seen the sun before and felt that the song was directed towards her. She was the reason the skies were gray.

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Fairy Tail Angst Week
May 4th: Day 4
Prompt: Bleeding Out/Bandages
Ship: Gruvia
Characters: Gray Fullbuster, Juvia Lockser
Warnings: None

Notes: Sorry this is late! I decided to make this a little less angsty and kinda happy at the end. I can’t write Juvia suffer anymore :~:

When people fall, they would bleed, and Juvia didn’t doubt that. She was bleeding, from her hands, her face, and her heart. She’d never fallen this hard before.

Her only saving grace was the person kneeling next to her.

“Juvia. Juvia, wake up.”

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