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After seeing Mashima’s Male Juvia sketch; I got the urge to Genderbend again…. I haven’t drawn my genderbent babies in a LOOONNNNGGGG time… I’ve missed drawing my Queenie Natsu…


Fairy Tail Week

Day 5: Ultimate Team

Fairy Tail B and their badass entrance.

TBH this arc is kinda weird for me, mostly bc Juvia and Lucy are my faves. IMO Juvia has been getting very good moments, bc while shes hasnt gotten any big moments and fights she’s been shown to interact with characters w/o Gray a lot more, and that makes me very happy ngl (I love gr/uvia ngl but my fave characters develepemt always come first). Meanwhile with Lucy, i feel like she’s being… well.. reduced. First with the fanservice in her tag team battle with natsu, then the boobgrab moment, and then, while not a apart of the manga, the stone age omake? normally mashima treats her character wonderfully, but its just in these past few months its gone downhill to me with her idk. I still love her just as much (if not even more) as before, but im just. idk. you can do better than this mashima.
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what are your opinion on gray's action and juvia's jealous over frosh - my fave chara. is juvia but her jealous over frosh was overdoing.. i mean such a cute moment and she think frosh as a love rival ?? i would like your opinion on this thank u in regards - sorry for any mistakes english isnt my first language

You know what, I actually agree with you and I had a hard time admitting this to myself. Both Juvia’s and Gray’s reation towards Frosch were a bit exaggerated, for me at least. I read the chapter twice, and on the second read I did manage to enjoy the fun part of it more, but it still felt kinda off to me.

Juvia pouting that Frosh is getting Gray’s attention is something she would do. She gets those stings of jealousy on occasions, it’s in her character. And it was cute, everything Juvia does is cute to me but at this moment, where Gray looks so happy, I’d prefer to see her smiling at his side too. Because the person she loves is safe, he’s back to her, and he looks so happy to be surrounded by his friends again and I feel that this should have reigned over the “why are you hugging only Frosh and not me”. Especially considering that we’ve seen Juvia being sweet and motherly to Frosh in the past. I think a big part of why I’m kinda bitter about this is exactly because we’ve got so much regarding Juvia and Frosh: the Gruvia bit in the welcome Frosh special, Mashima’s twitter sketch of Juvia in a frog suit, Frosh being in every version of Gruvia’s wedding in the anime adaptation of the 413 Days special and, well, the whole Clannad referrence! So in all this “family” mood that has been established for those three, I didn’t expect to see Juvia acting like Frosh is some sort of competion for Gray’s love. If it was any of their female friends insted of Frosh, it would probably make more sense to me.

However, Juvia’s pout in that scene is in fact, quite a trivial thing. Yet it kinda bothered some of us I’m relieved to know it’s not just me tbh. And I think another reason why that happened is something I’ve mentioned in the past. Us Juvia fans have become a bit sensitive towards the way Juvia’s controversial quirks (like her fangirling or, in this case, the love rival thing) are portrayed because of how other people judge them. Due to people claiming that Juvia is pathologically jealous, we want her (consciously or not) to shed that habit or at least tone it down, and prove that there’s more to her than this when a potential love rival appears, either platonically or romantically. So when moments like this one come, we think about how it would seem to a non Juvia fan and end up getting annoyed with it ourselves. It’s something that happens to me quite often with the way Juvia is portrayed in the anime if I’m honest

As for Gray being so cutesy around Frosh, it seemed like Mashima tried a little too much to show that the situation is the exact opposite of Gray supposedly killing Frosh. I know there’s not really such thing as an author making their own character OOC because it’s them who define their character in the first place, but that’s how it felt to me. Gray is a big dork and I love that side of him, but this level of sudden bubbliness? It’s kinda weird to see coming from him.

I think this moment is a perfect portrayal of  Gray acting cute: 

He’s plain adorable, and although it’s rare to see Gray like this (which is what makes it so precious), it’s something you can expect for Gray’s standards.

This also fits the point Mashima wanted to get through:

But this:

is a stretch IMO. Definitely cute, but over the top.

That being said, I do like the fact that this basically shows how much influence Juvia had on him in those 6 months they lived together, to the point she’s brushed a good chunk of her bubbliness on him, like she has adopted his stripping habit. That’s an adorable thing to know! Also, this very panel is all the proof I need that Gray wants to have children and that will make the dorkiest daddy in the universe. Just imagining him so fluffy and excited for his own child with Juvia can give me diabetes!