juvenile arrests

Getting Caught

Here it is. The present. Or well, the past since it was technically four days ago, but still. The present.

Let me start off with this, my mom is not in the country. She is gone until February 14th and I am dreading and also awaiting the day she comes back. I want to see her because I miss her and I love her, but I also know when she comes back she also has to find out the truth. Her daughter tried to steal something in a store she frequents.

Now my mom’s reputation is very important to her. VERY IMPORTANT. More important than to most people, and that is because of her occupation (which I will not disclose). So when she finds out, not only will she be heartbroken and worried about me and my future (which is also very important to her because she works very hard to assure that my future is bright and I have everything I need to make it bright. I know I’m a lucky daughter who does stupid things.), she will also be heartbroken and worried about her reputation.

That being said, my father and I went to a JcPenney to buy my mom jewelry she specified on wanting during a sale that went on while she is gone. (that doesn’t agree with tenses but whatever) While there, we waited for an attendant to help us, I spotted the small Sephora. I pocketed three items totalling 118$.

My dad and I picked out the jewelry, and I, despite being nervous, continued on my way. I felt nervous because there were cameras everywhere. There were not a lot of people, but a relatively good amount. 

I did my research on shoplifting hauls and tips on tumblr. One of the basic things is if you have a gut feeling you’re being watched or something is going wrong, something is going to go wrong. Drop your stuff and go. I had a gut feeling. I was stupid enough to say, oh well, and keep going.

We walked out the store, and I passed the sensors and I felt relief. I didn’t ring. Not three feet into the parking lot a man with greying hair and glasses stopped me, pulled out a black wallet looking thing, out came a gold badge and said “Please come with me”. My heart is beating so fast as I type this.

I couldn’t believe this was real. After countless stories on tumblr, countless hauls, all my friends stuff which is 87% stolen, and I, on my first attempt, get caught. I didn’t believe. I wanted to cry. They took me into a back room and my dad kept asking questions.

Let me tell you this. It was probably the worst experience of my life. Filling out forms with tears coming down my face, my dad so angry, he wouldn’t even sit down, or look at me, and all he wanted to do was hit me in the face. He begged the man to pay for my items, but the man replied it was against company policy.

It was worse than getting my first D on a calc test (the average was a 47 and its a college class in high school so don’t judge). It was worse than finding out my boyfriend cheated on me. It was probably neck and neck with finding out my grandfather died. Actually, my grandfather dying beats that out by a bit. 

I filled out forms, signed a notice saying I know I will get a civil demand for an undisclosed amount, I am not allowed in the mall, and an acknowledgement of what I attempted to steal. I received a court date right then and there. I spent an hour in that small room with my dad who cried for the third time I had ever seen him cry.

It was hell.

Let me tell you. JCP has HD cameras that can zoom in and out. JCP has an attending LP always, sometimes more than one on duty. JCP doesn’t tag somethings like bags, jewelery, and makeup because they will ALWAYS catch you taking it. At least at the one I was at.

If you want me to go into more details, I can. I remember everything they told me, everything I asked my dad through my tears, and everything my dad told me.

It felt like a nightmare. 

We left an hour later and my dad cried and asked me why I did it, especially because he asked before we left if I wanted anything. He was disappointed in me. He felt like I broke his trust. Not only did I try to steal, but I was with him. A man who would give me whatever I wanted, as long as I asked.

We picked up my brother from his internship in college, and he asked what was wrong. I was required to tell him what happened through my tears, and he called me stupid and said why would I shoplift. I told him you answered it, because I’m stupid. My brother asked basic questions like if I was arrested, but didn’t press too hard. My brother hasn’t always been the best brother, but he has always been a good child. I’ve been a pretty good sister, but not the best child. I do dumb things. He knows that, and he is all for punishing me for it. He only wants the best for me though. I love my brother, but he knew I was in deep trouble for my stupidity.

I texted my boyfriend right when I got in the room that I was getting in trouble for shoplifting and did not text him until I got home. When I got home, my dad and I did not talk.

I called my boyfriend on the phone, told him what happened, cried for a while, then went on my laptop and did as much research as I could. I asked questions on forum sites, I called lawyers left and right. I looked at what I could expect.

I am and was a 4.4 GPA student involved with Student Council, NHS, and volleyball. I didn’t have a spot on my student record, and before this, not one single speck on my criminal/arrest/juvenile record. The worst grade I had ever received on my transcript was a B, combined with a Satisfactory citizenship and the grade for that semester was a 3.4 unweighted, with a weighted average of 3.8. Like I said, I was not and am not a bad student. I want to be a doctor and I am taking medical advanced classes for my school’s accelerated program and am interning at a medical center.

Me being a good student doesn’t mean jack shit however. Being a good student doesn’t mean that I didn’t do what I did, nor does it lessen or put the blame off on anyone else. I still made the same stupid and shitty decision.

I got caught. I am not immortal. No one is. I got caught.

It took a breakup to get me to learn an instrument. I needed something to keep my mind busy, lest I fall back into thoughts of ‘what if?’ as I mourned the death of an entire life that would now never come to be.

One day, my brother visited; a musical prodigy on the piano that lived the wrong life. He asked me to show him what I had taught myself. After I played, he smiled and shook his head. “You were always the softest of the three of us. No wonder you chose the guitar.”

I didn’t understand, and he could see it on my face.

He put his hands out, his knuckles scarred from countless brawls. “Music comes from the soul, and what instrument you play is often a reflection of what you feel, how you live your life. I am a fighter, I play the piano because a piano is an instrument you battle with, pushing it away, slamming at its keys.”

He smiled and looked at me. “You love. Even when someone steps all over you, you love. The guitar is an instrument you make love to; you pull its curves into your chest and caress it, and it sings for you when you touch it perfectly.”

I was stunned. My delinquent brother, years in juvenile, arrested countless times, drug addict and jobless; a genius that had slipped through the grimey fingers of our broken society.





There Comes a Train (Part 1)

Title: There Comes a Train

Pairing: Newt Scamander x fem!reader

Other Characters: Leta Lestrange, Tina Goldstein, Queenie Goldstein, Jacob Kowalski

Word Count: 1872

Warnings: (TRIGGERS) angst, death, depression, hallucinations, suicide

Summary: Leta Lestrange surprises you all when she pushes through the door begging Newt to come back home with her. Threats are thrown and you defend your friends. However, you face some consequences.

A/N: Hello Fantastic Beasts/Harry Potter fandom! This gets a bit dark so read the warnings… But enjoy!


She came back for him that night.

You remembered the way her name rolled off his lips; in surprise and want.

Leta barged into the Goldsteins’ apartment after dinner with the sisters and Jacob. She begged your Newt to leave with her immediately, to go back to England and catch up there. She hadn’t had any regard to his new friends, waving them off when Newt had tried to introduce them.

You were flooded with relief when your boyfriend refused, unable to leave you and his friends behind so quickly.

But Leta couldn’t accept that. It was when she pulled out her wand and threatened you all that your blood really began to boil. You were already seething beneath your cool visage, but to put your new family at danger… well, now you were just a force to be reckon with.

Your wand slipped from inside your sleeve and was then obscurely grasped in your clammy hand.

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On 3 March 2015 39 years old immigrant from Tajikistan was coming home from work and talking with his wife on the phone. He was spotted by three teenagers who decided to rob him. But teenagers needed not only his money, they also wanted to take his life. They beat the man to death with sticks and screwdriver . In the end of the March teenagers have killed another immigrant. On 8 May 2015 18 years old Aleksei C. who was the leader of the gang and two juveniles were arrested. They claimed that they committed their first murder in 2005 and since then have killed 9 people.

amyleighstrickland  asked:

Anyone out there have information/experience with interrogating and arresting a minor? Like, if a 16 year old were suspected in a disappearance, what would be the process/legal red tape in interrogating him and arresting him?

Interrogation of a minor works the same way it does with adult suspects: they have all their constitutional rights and have been made aware of their Miranda rights. The only difference is a parent or guardian must be present during any interview. Interrogation can happen either in a police department or outside (hospital room, child’s room, etc).

When a minor is arrested and taken into a police department, they are kept separate from adult offenders at all times. If there are no adults in the booking room (a room where people are placed for processing after being arrested), the child can wait there. Otherwise, they must be moved to another location (usually an office). If they are reasonably suspected of being responsible for a criminal act, they must be placed in a cell or lockable room (regardless of whether the room is locked or not). The suspect can only be held for six hours and must be monitored at all times. If no one can be contacted regarding the care and shelter of the child or the adult refuses custody, the police can submit a request to detain the child for the safety of the child. 

A separate record log is kept for juvenile holdings. Anyone under the age of majority who is detained for any amount of time and any reason must be recorded in this log book. A copy of the log is attached to the case report.

Any minor charged with a crime has their fingerprints and photo taken. When this information is entered into the police database, the record gets a “juvenile” designation. A parent or guardian must be contacted and informed of the whereabouts of the child, the reason for their arrest, and the police’s intentions for further action.

To release the child before a court date, the police issue a summons, a formal complaint, and a promise to appear form, and the child must be released to a parent, guardian, or other appropriate person or agency. If the child is almost at the age of majority, the officer can choose to release them “into his or her own custody,” though the forms are still given to a parent or guardian. If the officer cannot reach a suitable adult authority, the forms are sent to the parent or guardian’s home address.

The officer can also choose to send the child immediately to a juvenile detention center if the crime is a “serious juvenile offense” (see below) or there is already an outstanding warrant or court order for arrest. If this is done, the police will not issue a summons, and processing of the minor is handled by the detention facility.

Of course, depending on the type and severity of the crime (such as murder or gang-related activity), it is possible for the child to be tried and convicted as an adult.


ayominho says: In most states it is NOT true that a kid can’t be interrogated without a parent being present. Cops generally have to tell a kid they can consult with their parents before they can question a kid. Check the state laws where your story takes place people. Laws vary.

the-littlest-daisy added: this isn’t true, i was arrested before and i wasn’t read miranda rights, they tricked me into believing i was picking up my stuff they took from my house after they arrested my brother

Offenses that fall under “serious juvenile offense” include:

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I am:
[ ] male
[x] female

I am __ years old:
[ ] Under 13
[ ] 13
[ ] 14
[ ] 15
[ ] 16
[x] 17
[ ] 18
[ ] 19
[ ] 20
[ ] 21
[ ] 22
[ ] 23
[ ] Over 23

I am __ tall:
[ ] Under 4’7
[ ] 4’7-5’
[x] 5’1-5’3
[ ] 5’4-5’7
[ ] 5’8-6’
[ ] 6’1-6’4
[ ] Over 6’4

My BMI is:
[ ] No idea
[ ] Under 13
[ ] 13-14
[ ] 15-16
[x] 17-18
[ ] 19-20
[ ] 21-22
[ ] 23-24
[ ] 25-26
[ ] 27-28
[ ] 29-30
[ ] 31-32
[ ] Over 32

My body shape is:
[ ] oval or apple
[ ] pear or a-shaped
[ ] strawberry or v-shaped
[ ] ruler or rectangle
[ ] square or H-shaped
[x] hourglass or 8-shaped

My hair color is currently:
[ ] black
[ ] platinum blond
[ ] blond
[ ] dirty blond to light brown
[x] brunette
[ ] auburn
[ ] dark brown
[ ] red
[ ] ginger
[ ] orange
[ ] pink
[ ] other

My eye color is:
[ ] grey
[ ] light blue
[ ] deep blue
[ ] black
[ ] dark brown
[ ] brown
[ ] golden
[ ] hazel
[x] light green
[ ] deep green
[ ] other

I have been diagnosed with or i know i have/had:
[x] depression
[ ] social anxiety
[ ] general anxiety
[ ] panic disorder
[ ] obsessive compulsive disorder
[ ] bipolar disorder
[ ] post traumatic stress disorder
[x] anorexia/bulimia
[ ] body dysmorphia
[ ] insomnia

I would classify myself as or mostly as:
[ ] heterosexual
[x] bisexual
[ ] homosexual

I smoke:
[ ] more than a pack a day
[ ] less than a pack a day
[ ] less than one cigarette a day
[x] socially
[ ] never

I drink:
[ ] enough to get wasted every day
[ ] enough to get a buzz every day
[ ] at parties to get wasted
[x] at parties to get buzzed
[ ] a beer or glass of wine with my dinner
[ ] never

I have committed the following:
[x] shoplifting
[ ] stealing from a friend
[x] stealing from family
[ ] stealing from a stranger
[x] underage drinking
[x] underage smoking

[x] illegal drug use
[ ] selling drugs

I have stolen:
[ ] make up
[ ] underwear/lingerie
[ ] clothing
[ ] jewelery
[ ] cds
[ ] cigarettes
[ ] alcohol
[ ] drugs
[ ] money
[ ] an automobile
[ ] a weapon

I have been:
[ ] suspended from high school
[ ] expelled from high school
[ ] arrested
[ ] to juvenile court
[ ] put on probation
[x] ordered to pay a fine
[ ] ordered to serve community service
[ ] to juvenile detention
[ ] on house arrest with a tether
[ ] to jail
[ ] to prison

The statement(s) that most applies to my family is:
[ ] I live with my (adoptive or biological) mother and father who are married to each other.
[ ] I live with my mother and father who are NOT married to each other.
[ ] I live with my mother who is single
[ ] I live with my mother and stepfather
[x] I live with my father who is single
[ ] I live with my father and stepmother
[ ] I live with a grandparent or grandparents
[ ] I live with an older sibling
[x] I live with a younger sibling
[ ] I live with my children
[ ] I live with my husband or wife
[ ] I live with my boyfriend or girlfriend
[ ] I live with a roommate or friend
[ ] I live alone
[ ] I have a different living situation

I have __ sister/s:
[ ] 0
[ ] 1
[ ] 2
[ ] 3
[ ] 4
[ ] 5
[ ] 6
[ ] Over 6

I have __ brother/s:
[ ] 0
[x] 1
[ ] 2
[ ] 3
[ ] 4
[ ] 5
[ ] 6
[ ] Over 6

The statements that most apply to my parents are:
[ ] I hate my family
[ ] my family hates me
[ ] my parents do not treat me my age
[ ] my parents do not trust me, and have no reason not to
[ ] my parents do not trust me, with good reason
[ ] I lie to my family often
[ ] my parents do not deserve to be treated the way I treat them
[x] I should probably show my parents that I appreciate them more
[ ] my parents never show me that they appreciate me
[x] I never say “I love you” to my parents
[ ] my parents do not care what I do
[ ] my parents give me and my friends alcohol
[ ] my parents are very strict
[ ] my parents have no idea what goes on in my life
[ ] my parents support my decisions
[ ] I am very close to my parents
[ ] my parents trust me and I honor that
[x] my parents trust me and I take that for granted
[ ] I never see my parents

The statements that most apply to my family are:
[ ] I am the favorite child
[ ] one of my siblings is clearly the favorite child
[ ] one of my siblings is out of control
[x] I am the “smart” sibling
[ ] I am the athletic sibling
[ ] I am the artistic sibling
[ ] I am a middle child
[ ] I am an only child
[ ] I am very close to my siblings
[x] I am very close to one of my siblings
[ ] I have a twin
[ ] I do not get along with any of my siblings
[ ] I am the least liked child
[ ] my siblings rat me out
[ ] my sibling is my best friend
[ ] i am jealous of my sibling
[ ] my sibling is jealous of me
[ ] I never see my siblings

I like to read:
[x] manga
[x] comic books
[x] magazines
[x] biographies
[ ] memoirs
[ ] classic literature
[ ] plays
[ ] scripts
[ ] romance novels
[x] science fiction
[ ] fantasy novels
[ ] self help books
[ ] textbooks
[x] newspapers
[ ] political books
[x] general fiction
[x] children’s books

[x] horror novels
[ ] mystery novels
[ ] poetry
[x] young adult fiction
[x] humor
[x] jokes

[ ] nothing

I like to watch __ movies:
[ ] romance
[x] comedy
[x] romantic comedy
[x] drama
[ ] historical
[ ] western
[x] horror
[x] science fiction

[ ] fantasy
[x] adventure
[x] action

[ ] war
[x] crime
[ ] kung-fu
[x] thriller
[x] psychological
[x] zombie

[ ] mystery
[x] documentary
[x] mockumentary
[ ] spoof
[ ] musical
[x] animated
[ ] silent
[ ] art film
[ ] depressing
[ ] pornographic
[x] educational
[ ] no

I like to play __ video games:
[x] roleplaying
[x] driving

[ ] hunting
[x] sports
[ ] skateboarding
[ ] dancing (such as DDR)
[x] instrument (such as Rock Band)
[ ] fantasy
[ ] shooter
[ ] platform
[ ] fighting
[ ] strategy
[ ] simulation
[ ] action
[x] arcade
[ ] tactical
[x] horror
[x] party (such as Mario Party)
[ ] no

I like to study __ .
[x] English
[ ] grammar
[ ] writing
[x] human biology
[x] animal biology
[x] earth science
[x] chemistry
[ ] geology
[x] astronomy
[x] archaeology
[x] anthropology
[x] algebra

[ ] geometry
[x] calculus
[x] trigonometry

[x] US history
[x] European history
[x] ancient history
[x] history

[ ] economy
[ ] government
[ ] geography
[x] psychology
[x] sociology
[ ] nothing

When I was in school I:
[ ] was valedictorian
[ ] was one of the top 5 students
[ ] was in national honor society
[ ] got all As
[ ] was an overachiever
[ ] was usually on the honor roll
[x] slacked off a lot
[ ] was on student council
[ ] was student council president
[x] rarely did homework
[ ] did really well on tests
[ ] always did homework
[ ] did awful on tests
[x] paid attention in class
[ ] slept in class
[ ] never paid attention
[ ] dropped out

The statement I most agree with is:
[ ] religion is stupid and people who belong to one are stupid
[x] religion is not something that I believe in
[ ] I am open to religion but have not claimed a certain religion as my own
[ ] I am religious
[ ] my religion is one of the most important things in my life
[ ] my religion is the most important thing in my life and people who do not believe are stupid

The statement(s) I most agree with is:
[ ] I hate politics and affiliate with them as least as I can
[x] I am somewhat interested in politics
[ ] I am very interested in politics and have very strong views
[x] I like to debate about political issues
[ ] I do not like to debate politics because it is useless and no one will change their views
[ ] I am 100% democrat
[ ] I am 100% republican
[x] I am independent, or prefer not to belong to a party
[ ] there are some things I agree with on both parties
[ ] people who do not pay attention to politics are stupid and ignorant
[ ] politicians are crooks and liars
[ ] my vote does not matter, it is only up to the electoral college
[x] my vote and your vote are very important

The statement I most agree with is:
[x] homosexuality is perfectly normal and should be celebrated and gay marriage should already be legal
[ ] homosexuality is not something that I am comfortable with, but their marriage does not affect me so gay marriage should be allowed
[ ] homosexuality is a sin in my religion, but in a country that represents equality I think that gay marriage should be legal
[ ] homosexuality is completely immoral and should not be encouraged, gay marriage should be illegal
[ ] homosexuality is disgusting and it is a disgrace that gay marriage is even an issue

The statement that most represents my views is:
[ ] abortion is murder and it should be illegal
[ ] abortion should not be a method of birth control, but in cases of rape or incest, it should be legal
[ ] I would never get an abortion, but I am in no place to choose what someone else should do with their body
[x] a woman should have a right to choose and she should not have to have a child if she is not ready for one
[x] abortion should be allowed in all cases no matter why the woman wants one

The statements that most represent my friendships are:
[ ] I have never had a lasting friendship
[ ] I have never had a best friend
[ ] my best friend lives very far away from me
[x] I have known my best friend my whole life
[ ] I have known my best friend for most of my life
[ ] I have known my best friend for a few years
[ ] I have only known my best friend for a short time
[ ] I have more than one best friend
[ ] I have lost many many friends
[ ] my friends seem to leave me out a lot
[x] I think that my best friend and I will be friends forever
[ ] I have hated someone then they became my friend
[ ] I now hate someone that used to be a close friend
[ ] I like one of my friends more than they like me
[ ] sometimes my friends ditch me for someone better
[ ] sometimes I ditch my friends for someone better
[ ] my friends fight a lot
[x] my friends are very supportive
[x] I do not think I could survive without my friends
[ ] I wish that I had different friends
[ ] I barely have any friends
[ ] my friends and I have nothing in common
[ ] my friends and I are so much alike
[x] my friends come to me for advice
[ ] i am the level headed one of my friends
[ ] i am the spontaneous one of my friends
[x] my friends are dumbasses
[ ] my friends have no common sense
[ ] my friends are bad influences
[ ] i am a bad influence on my friends

The statements that most represent my relationship with my significant other are:
[ ] I am married
[ ] I am engaged
[x] I am dating someone
[ ] I have a different kind of relationship with someone special
[ ] I put them first in my life
[ ] they put me first
[x] we have a lot of things in common
[ ] we are almost opposites
[x] i can talk to them about anything
[x] they get insecure
[ ] they get jealous
[x] i get insecure
[ ] i get jealous
[ ] i hate their exes
[ ] our families do not get along
[x] our families have never met
[ ] our families get along
[ ] we have had problems in the past but have overcome them
[ ] we have some serious problems
[ ] we have some little problems, but i am sure we will work them out
[ ] we have a kid
[ ] they have a kid from a previous relationship
[ ] we have an open relationship
[x] we are really cute and loving
[x] we are not really into being cutesy

[ ] they have cheated
[ ] i have cheated
[ ] it is hard for me to trust them
[ ] we have a lot of little fights
[ ] we have broken up
[ ] we live together
[x] we do not have sex
[ ] they have given me a promise ring
[x] we have not said “i love you”
[ ] I do not think I could live without them
[x] I would survive if our relationship ended
[x] we are taking things slowly
[ ] we are very sexual
[ ] we have been together for over a year
[ ] we have been together for over 5 years
[ ] i think we are the perfect couple

They’re threatening to slit our throats; they’re chanting ‘Palestine’ and they’re going crazy about Palestine — ‘must kill the Jews’ and ‘heil Hitler.’

That’s the mother of three young children who were threatened on a school bus in New South Wales:

New South Wales state police said five juveniles were arrested early Thursday over the incident on Wednesday afternoon. They were questioned at a police station but were later released without charge into the custody of their parents pending further investigations, a police statement said.

The bus carrying about 30 children aged 5 to 12 years from three Jewish schools were subjected to “physical and racial threats” by a group of eight male teenagers, aged 15 to 17, who boarded at a bus stop in the wealthy eastern suburb of Randwick, police said. No one was injured.

Nothing says, “I’m very concerned about the plight of the Palestinian people” like threatening to murder Jewish children and shouting “Heil Hitler” on a school bus in Australia.

Listen, I don’t want folks to think I’m this super negative or angry person. In fact, I often go out of the way looking for some uplifting or more positive news to post.
That said, as a person of conscience– despite how joyful and blessed my personal life is– I am simply not capable of going about my day unaware and unaffected by how deeply unjust our society is.
We all witnessed a law enforcement officer assault a black teenage girl. He resigned– wasn’t immediately fired– and there’s no indication at this time that he will face criminal charges. Since that time, I’ve seen many commentators (mostly from law enforcement) saying things like, “What he did was indefensible, but he clearly lost his temper in the heat of the moment.” In other words, “Yes, what he did was wrong, but is it necessary to ruin his entire life over it?”
(And, listen, I just want to be honest about how much I am struggling right now as someone who believes that radical love is divine and as someone who believes in forgiveness and restorative justice.)
BUT my thought immediately went to the many black juveniles who get arrested in school for fighting (or whatever other infraction) and then are set on a course via the criminal justice system that ruins many, many lives.
And I’m thinking: a JUVENILE who commits assault in the heat of the moment should be condemned to jail but NOT an ADULT LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER? It’s so grotesquely unfair.
No, I can’t stop talking about it. It’s like walking past a dock everyday seeing slaves being led in chains to an auction block while everyone around you is discussing the weather.

Officials: Most arrested during Baltimore riots remain in jail

Buzz Feed News: Most of the protesters who were arrested Monday night during riots in Baltimore remain in jail without being formally charged, officials said.

City courts and the State Attorney’s Office were closed Tuesday, leaving nearly all those arrested in the central booking and intake facility, a spokesman said. More than 200 adults and 34 juveniles were arrested Monday night, police have said.

Follow updates on Breaking News.

Photo: Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

okay but why does no one ever talk about the fact that Mickey was (most-likely) a victim of child abuse

some of the most prominent effects of having a father like Terry:

-children who go through an abusive childhood are fifty nine percent more likely to be arrested as juveniles, and thirty percent more likely to commit violent crimes

-as parents, abuse victims tend to experience difficulty dealing with their new child’s wants and needs, or even facing/holding them

-abuse victims often develop psychological issues such as lack of human connections and a fear of physical contact

-demonstrates extremes in behaviour, such as overly aggressive or very withdrawn

-victims tend to misuse alcohol and drugs, express irritated behaviour such as whining and swearing

-effects includes emotional immaturity, under reactions to situations, fears losing control in relationships, fidgety and compulsive, inability to offer or accept emotional support

and yet he’s come so far and recovered to the point where he’s taking care of someone he openly cares about, and he’s accepting Yevgeny as his own kid and idk I just think about Mickey Milkovich a lot


#GirlsLikeUs - Trans woman reported missing following brain surgery

A 28-year-old Chicago transgender woman named Sherry Berry been missing now for nine days following May 6, 2015 reports filed by her family and the Chicago Police Department (CPD).

According to her father Jerry Nicholas and family friend Derek Banks she had undergone brain surgery at Rush University Medical Center April 27. The surgery followed an incident which Banks said Berry vaguely remembered as being pushed down a flight of stairs.

Nicholas told Windy City Times that the family noted multiple injuries and lacerations to his daughter’s face and body when visiting her following surgery. He stated that on May 6 an individual who was not a family member visited his daughter at Rush. Shortly after she was permitted to sign herself out and left the hospital.

Berry has not been seen since.

“She has a twin sister named Princess,” Nicholas told Windy City Times, adding that the emotional impact of Berry’s disappearance has been devastating for her five siblings and her parents, but particularly heartbreaking for her twin. “She accepts Sherry as her sister because this is her life now.”

Trying to contain his emotion, Nicholas detailed that life—one fraught with challenges that began when Berry was six. “She was taken from school and arrested by the CPD when she was six,” he said. “They took her and put handcuffs on her. They took all six of our children away with juvenile arrest warrants.”

Nicholas asserted that, to this day, neither he nor his wife Joanne have any idea why their children were taken away from them. “We never went to court. They never did nothing about it. We had no legal help. It didn’t make any sense.”

He said that Berry was placed in a home with Princess and two of her other siblings. “The home Sherry was raised in was dangerous. When she was eight she almost died,” Berry said. “A lot of what she went through contributed to her having difficulties in school and in life in general.”

It would be 10 years before Nicholas and his wife saw her again. “She was 16, going to school, working at Burger King and as a life guard,” he said. “When she first saw us, she couldn’t believe it. Then she told us what had happened to her.”

Nicholas said that as a child Berry was placed in the home of a relative. “How they obtained custody, we don’t know. [She was allegedly raped], Sherry got Chlamydia and a respiratory infection. The Children’s Advocacy Center knew about this and they did nothing.”

According to Nicholas, Berry was instead admitted to Michael Reese Hospital on Chicago’s South Side. “She was in the psychiatric facility,” he said. “Sherry told us they restrained her and she got electroshock therapy. But she didn’t have psychotic episodes. Never tried to kill herself. She just kept saying ‘my parents are going to save me’.”

Nicholas insisted that while agencies such as the Department of Children & Family Services and Catholic Charities knew about Berry’s case nothing was done. “They never came to her rescue,” he said. “All these psychotic drugs were injected into her and she was never the same again. Her nervous system, her writing skills were completely destroyed. She inherited seizures, asthma, severe headaches.”

The Michael Reese facility has since closed.

At 16, Sherry began her transition. “She was discriminated against,” Nicholas said. “They denied her low-income housing. Workplaces were mistreating her. She was treated like she didn’t deserve to be equally protected. The streets just took her over. She turned to alcohol, smoking, cocaine. She became homeless. But she never came to us. Our daughter would write us off saying 'we don’t love her.’ I kept saying 'We do. We accept you. We don’t accept what happened to you. We don’t like it.’ She didn’t want to stay with us.”

Nicholas said that Berry survived by engaging in the sex-trade.

On April 25, 2015 Berry left her sister Caroline’s home at 4 a.m. “We don’t know why,” Nicholas said.

Two days later she was admitted into Saint Bernard Hospital on the South Side. At 3 p.m. she was transferred to Rush where she underwent brain surgery the same day.

“We’ve no idea what happened to her,” Nicholas asserted. “All we know is that the clothing we recovered after she was at Rush was soaking wet with the smell of beer all over it. Her skull was fractured. The bruising on the top of the right side of her head was swollen real big. There were scratches and a whole lot of scarring—like cuts—on her back on both sides. Her lips and her left eye was swollen. The stitches from the surgery went from the top of her forehead all the way to the back of her neck. She was strapped down and hooked up to a ventilator. It was terrible to see her like that.”

Nicholas added that Berry had no memory of what happened to her. Rush informed the family she would need to remain at the facility for rehabilitation. They were also concerned about a blood clot in her stomach.

“Everything was going fine,” he said. “May 4 was the last time we saw our daughter. It is unconfirmed why on May 6 Rush let an unknown stranger come up there and convince our daughter to sign herself out. He came up there with a wig for Sherry and he left with her. We’ve never heard from her or seen her since.”

“Rush told us that visiting restrictions were put in place on April 28,” Nicholas added. “If we didn’t know [a person], they couldn’t see her without a code or our consent. Only we could as her parents. We don’t understand why this guy was allowed into her room. This would have never happened. I asked Rush how this person was allowed to step by security even with the restrictions placed on her room in order to be protected. She could barely walk. She lost a tremendous amount of weight [current weight 120lbs according to the CPD report]. But they let her sign herself out. Rush don’t care. They explained nothing to us. They said 'she’s grown and she wanted to leave’. There’s something wrong here.”

Nicholas at least knows the name and last known address of the stranger—information he provided to the CPD when he made the missing person’s report to the 4th District May 6.

“We told them the areas of Uptown, Belmont, Fullerton everywhere she was prostituting herself and nobody ever tried to save her. People on 79th and Marquette got her hooked on cocaine and had access to her [social security] debit card. On May 1 they attempted to get cash from it. I was able to stop that. On May 4, I went over to Social Security to get the card suspended. I don’t know how long it’s been going on that someone has been taking her money and using the food stamps on her Link card.”

Nicholas has asked the CPD multiple times if they have questioned or at least found the individual who left the hospital with Berry. “They’re not responding,” he said. “I told the police this is serious. They know her life is in danger. They know the medical problems. Their conduct has been discriminatory. They’re treating her as if she is nothing.”

He added he was very clear to the CPD that Berry is a transgender woman. The CPD report issued and then reprinted by the Chicago Sun-Times May 7 listed her as male with a scar from the brain surgery and tattoos reading “mom,” “Deborah,” “Tina” and “Sherry.”

“We told them she was transgender, that her life was in danger,” Nicholas said. “I think whoever tried to get her money on May 1 still want it but they can’t it get anymore. We believe somebody is holding her.”

Meanwhile Nicholas said that at this point the CPD have gone silent. “The detective [assigned] is a trainee. She doesn’t return my calls.”

Nicholas added that he is also angry with the Sun-Times. “The reporter did not contact us as to who Sherry is instead of just writing this sample,” he said. “I’m upset about it. The police wanted to put the picture of her in the paper of Sherry in the hospital with a bald head.”

Banks has known Berry and the family for eight years. He told Windy City Times that three or four days after she was reported missing he received a call from an unknown individual. “Some guy called me and said that he had talked to Sherry on the phone and she was doing OK,” Banks said adding that he has not heard from Sherry herself and that the unidentified caller has not been in contact since.

Banks confirmed Nicholas’s story of what occurred between April 27 and May 6 at Rush. “I haven’t spoken with the CPD personally but let me put it like this—it ain’t found them yet,” he said. “I don’t know if they’re making it a big issue. I don’t know if they went to the man’s house. I haven’t heard anything. The situation she is in could be dangerous for her.”

He added that when Berry was in the hospital she had begun to slowly remember details of what had happened to her. “She told me somebody threw her down the stairs,” Banks said.

Nicholas noted that Berry thought it was the same individual who would eventually leave the hospital with her. “She said that [name redacted] knocked her down the stairs and threw her out of the house on April 25 after she refused to have sex with him.”

“I don’t think anybody should be leaving the hospital a week after brain surgery,” Banks asserted. “Even as an adult a family member should be contacted from the hospital for you to be able to sign out and they should have to come and pick you up.”

Ald. Leslie Hairston (5th Ward) and Affinity Community Services have also released fliers appealing for the community’s help in locating Sherry.

“The system has failed Sherry completely—from childhood to this very day,” Affinity Executive Director Kim Hunt told Windy City Times. “I talked to her father and he did go into the DCFS stuff but also talked about how when Sherry made her transition she was not able to find resources to support her. Even though she apparently has a very loving family they couldn’t find resources either. Because of this, there was no role model for her.”

Affinity is reaching out to each of its partners for help as well as Commissioner of the city’s Commission Human Relations, Mona Noriega.

State Rep. Greg Harris knows the family. “This is very concerning,” he told Windy City Times. “We need to find out what is going on and give the family some peace of mind.”

Nicholas has a message to those who may be holding his daughter.

“We want whoever is holding her to let her leave of her own free will,” Nicholas said. “Don’t hurt her any further. Let her go. Let her be. She doesn’t deserve it. This is not her fault. She needs counseling and healing. She needs to be with us and her brothers and sisters who love her dearly. We cannot sleep until she is returned.”

Windy City Times reached out to Rush University Medical Center in order to determine why a woman was allowed to sign herself a little over a week after having brain surgery, in her condition and with a stranger despite the visitation restrictions Nicholas said were supposed to be enforced. Their only response to these questions was “the patient was medically cleared for discharge.”

As of publication, the CPD has yet to reply to Windy City Times inquiries.

Anyone with information regarding Sherry’s whereabouts is asked to contact Area South Special Victims Unit at 312-747-8274.